Have Division 2 Developers Abandoned Their Game?


The absence of any news and the unsettling silence from the development camp has fans worried. It is 2021 and nobody even knows how the game is going to be led through the 3rd year of its life cycle. Join us as we uncover this and many other mysteries that bother the fans all across the globe.

Division 2: I Am The Storm That Is Approaching

What a quiet year it was for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. Nothing crazy happened, and we haven’t published articles about this game for some time. Why is that, though? Truth be told, after Division 2 Warlords of New York released, we’ve had a few other minor patches. Some new Global Events took place after that. But, all in all, the developers themselves kind of disappeared. And we felt like we’d give them time to come out and make some official announcements instead of us speculating on non-existent facts. The devs have been completely quiet, which is not normal for them. You’d think they took the holiday break, but it must be something to do with the Division 2 Manhunt season. Most Division 2 Reddit users scratch their heads too, but some of them don’t give up hope yet and continue to hunt down Faye Lau and her henchmen. Now, why have we brought her up? The thing is, this Prime Target will be available for another couple of weeks. Fans believe that the devs are withdrawing any sort of news regarding the Division 3 game or whatever else until we, gamers, see what happens to Lau. There’s a lot of rumors, a lot of speculation going around about the game; there’s a lot that might be going on under the hood. So it might be that the devs keep a low profile because they are planning something big, and they don’t want to spoil it too soon.


Wild-Goose Chase In The Division 2

So, it seems that the best course of action is to wait and see what’s going to happen during the next big thing, which is obviously going to be the final event for the current Prime Target. Meaning, that after it’s gone, something else has to come, and everything screams that this something is going to be big. But what can we possibly get next? Will Season 5 come after Season 4? The Division 2 forums might have the answer if you dig deep enough, but the general consensus is that it’s more likely that there’ll be Year 3 of the current game’s support rather than a brand-new game. So, it’s almost safe to say that the End of Watch won’t be the end of the game, both literally and figuratively.

How much work the devs seem to put into the 12.1 patch should give us that next-gen upgrade. By that we mean 60 FPS at 4K resolution. That said, we can, of course, expect a new batch of content with Division 2 exotic weapons, just more stuff that is considered to be the equippable gear. Of course, there are two main kinds of loot we’re all interested in the most. One of them, as we already mentioned, is the exotics. The other one is Division 2 gear sets. The first is responsible for how we kill things, the second one is responsible for how good we are at not getting killed. That’s not to say that the rest of the loot we can wear is absolutely pointless. It’s just those two are always on all players’ minds.


Are There Zombies in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2?

As it stands today, there isn’t much in terms of Division 2 news, unfortunately. That is if we ignore the crossover with the Resident Evil series, the announcement of which we witnessed on January 22nd. It’s nothing major, though, but the fans of both game series should be delighted because, frankly, it’s not like anyone expected it to happen. To give you some intel on this event, it will run from February 2nd to 15th and feature 21 themed cosmetic items. The trailer showed us that we’d be able to get Leon’s RPD set, the one he wore in the highly-acclaimed remake of RE2, then there’re Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine S.T.A.R. sets. Now we’ve also seen a guy called Hunk. For those you don’t know, it’s a code name for one of Umbrella’s secret operatives. He’s been appearing in most RE games, sometimes as an enemy, sometimes as a playable character, or as a cameo. We don’t know yet if he will be a boss for some special mission or his outfit will also be available for obtain. Looks like we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves. It’s not exactly the Division 3 reveal news drop, but it’s better than nothing, right? It seems like the developers have ended their hibernation state and start giving us at least something. Who knows, maybe the next thing we’ll hear from them will be news about the next Division 2 DLC that will surely have Division 2 weapons that we haven’t used to make our enemies go to sleep and never wake up.


Division 2 Update Soon? Please?

We know this isn’t much to go around. The truth is, there’s really nothing on the Division 2 roadmap after the end of the Apparel Event. But hopefully, we’ve given you some idea of how you might be spending your time playing this game in anticipation of that next big thing. First, you should focus on completing the Primary target. You could use our Division 2 LFG service from Legionfarm if you want because, quite frankly, going through Lau’s lieutenants can be a major pain in the buttocks sometimes. If you set this goal for yourself, it should take you enough time to finish till something interesting pops up on the game’s radar. But if you are afraid that you’d get burned out on this sooner, you should definitely try our coaching and carry offers. Everything is easier when you’re using our signature Play with Pro service. Anyway, while you’ll be chasing down each of the targets, you won’t notice how the RE event will begin. Then you’ll either get some new cool outfits for yourself or quite possibly take part in some thematic mission. Hopefully, you guys found this article helpful and informative. And remember, if you struggle to achieve your goals in Division 2, just browse through some offers at legionfarm.com, and we’ll help you out. In the meantime, we’ll keep digging for more info, which means you’ll hear from us very soon!

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