How to get the legendary Luna's Howl


"An incredibly stable three-tapping fast firing Hand Cannon" - True Vanguard

How to get Luna`s Howl – the iconic hand cannon

Just about a year ago the world of Destiny 2 has been graced by the addition of one of the most iconic hand cannons in the game – Luna’s Howl. As the Crucible Handler, Lord Shaxx says himself about this gun – “Guardians never die. But we don’t forget those who do.” Gamers had a lot of time to think about the meaning of this line, while they were obliterating their foes with this truly astonishing piece of weaponry. So, what made this revolver so legendary? Being the Pinnacle reward in Season 4, Luna’s Howl reminded a lot of the Lord High Fixer from the second year of the first Destiny game. The design is very similar, so hardcore fans surely appreciated that little throwback. But it wasn’t for the looks that it got so much glory among the community. You look at the description of the perks and you ask yourself where does all the hype come from?

  • Precision Frame,
  • Polygonal Rifling,
  • Drop Mag
  • Zen Moment

Guys do you even know that guns can have a God Roll? And what the hell is this Magnificent Howl anyway? Some kind of variation of Rampage? That’s what most Guardians thought. Everyone would get over this new hand cannon and just go back to using good old Ace of Spades or Trust or whatever else you might be using. But then it suddenly hits you. You started to notice that the majority of times you’re getting killed – the Luna is involved!

So, you start to dig deeper, learning more about the gun. That’s when comes the realization that Magnificent Howl is much more than you what you thought. If you land two precision shots in quick succession, you get a bonus to the damage for this gun that lasts until you annihilate somebody or until you miss. But as long as you keep alighting those shots, you can make some serious damage. So, immediately, you must be wondering, how to get lunas howl? That’s what we’re going to talk about a bit later. Since the release of Season 4, there has been a lot of changes that the game faced, both very large that touched the very structure of the game as well as added tons of new content.

Discover the past and the bright future of Luna`s Howl

So how’s all of that affected the gun? There’s been a decrease of popularity for Luna that’s, for sure. Especially since everybody knew how to get lunas howl and how painful was this process. So, the new guns made Luna less popular for sure. Especially since the successor called Not Forgotten has been added to the game. However, the love for this one hell of a shooter stick never truly faded. As a matter of fact, both luna’s howl and the NF made a huge come back in the latest expansion – Shadowkeep. The reason for that is when their unique weapon perk got completely reworked to make it so that after getting two headshots your next bullet would have a crazy amount of range and do the same damage to the body as it would to the head. And considering that the hand cannons got nerfed especially by decreasing their effective range, any perk that can preserve that range automatically becomes super valuable in PvP. So if you want to 3-tap your foes from a distance greater than 25 meters, luna’s howl is your choice. This is a very pleasant surprise to see that the two of the most favorite weapons in the entire game actually having a reasonable bit of purpose, especially with the state of hand cannons and their range in the game right now.


Luna is a girl who’s tough to win over

Here is something to think about – luna’s howl has much less range than its successor. But you can easily test the fact that it takes 4 taps from 40 meters and 5 taps from 50 meters which is absolutely identical to Not Forgotten’s capabilities! How’s that possible? Good question. Now, the fact that stability, handling and reload speed of luna’s howl are much better. That makes luna superior? Now you must be like – ok, fine, let’s see what it takes to do to get it?

  • Starting pretty simple, for the first step all you ought to do is play 10 competitive Crucible matches. That’s something that can be done easily.
  • Next, you must perform 150 kills using hand cannon type of weapons. In competitive by the way. Then you’re like – honestly I'm so used to the combo Revoker – Recluse, but I guess I could blow off the dust from my Austringer. And don’t deny that you like the fact that Revoker forgives you missing your shots. Because sometimes the successful shot depends not only on the person who shoots but also from the desire of your target to survive.
  • From this point onward, it's going to get more and more interesting. You must use only solar weapons or abilities to perform another 200 kills – all in competitive, of course. That sounds easy, right? Just equip your Solar Super, but what about the guns? Should do ok with Beloved plus Lord of Wolves and secure at least a half of that number, but then you’re going to have a higher Glory Rank and compete against sweaty professionals. Those guys aren’t doing any quests, they’re there for the win. Then you realize that you actually don’t have any decent Solar guns in your arsenal for the competitive. Goddamn you, grind!
  • Once you’ve finally done that, your next step is to complete 3 matches in rumble game mode in which you will be put against 5 other opponents and your goal will be to get the maximum amount of kills by the end of the match. Not a very popular mode, but fine, you can stomach 3 matches.
  • Then you’re going to have to make 100 precision kills using only hand cannons which could be quite challenging taking the fast-paced nature of the game. That’s when you think to yourself – come on guys, really? You’re going to make me perform 100 headshots in competitive? With quests like that, you can easily lose all of your friends. You can probably already hear them say – If you want to play, play for the win. But if you want to do quests, you’re on your own, pal. The luna’s howl quest doesn’t end here.
  • The next step is reaching 2100 Glory which will give you the Fabled rank in Crucible. And after all of that, the last step seems okayish.

Only then will you be able to come back to Shaxx to be rewarded with this gun.

Lunas Howl Quest Steps should not stop you from getting it

From all of the above comes a simple conclusion. Very roughly it’s going to take you around 12-15 hours in the game to finish the quest. With the personal life and work which you can’t ignore this could actually take a few weeks if not more. And the problem is not even in the kills, the problem is in the reworked PvP and matchmaking. With the new win streak system, you’re going to get a ton of glory and your rank is going to rocket jump in a blink of an eye. The second tip is the SBMM or Skill Based MatchMaking. That means that now, you’re going to be up against the players from the same rank level, meaning they are going to have approximately the same level of skill as you are. Although it’s unlikely that they will be doing the Luna quest, they’ll be sweating to get that win. The last thing you need is to come after work to try to land a headshot on a sprinting on full speed Titan in a one-eyed mask, who thinks about how to best kill you with the Dust Rock Blues or just shoulder-bash you to infinity and beyond. It’s clear now why there’s only 25.96% of players in Season 8 who managed to get this gun. So, are you going to watch those new episodes of Rick and Morty or are you going to be spending evenings suffering from that quest?


This situation can be solved

You know like they used to say that playing games are evil like it’s a useless waste of time? Well, look at the gaming industry today. It competes with the movie industry. People wonder if games are actually art or not. Recently boosting services have had the same kind of reputation as the video games did in their early days. People are very cautious about it. But think about this – what if there are people who like to dedicate their time completely to games. Achieving, unlocking and winning. All this business is – people like that help other players to enjoy playing games by removing these stupid and tedious limitations like unlocking weapons and stuff. It’s understandable that some players don’t like the fact that some dude can just buy a gun, which they spent months working towards. But this doesn’t devalue the effort in any way. With all of this grinding and farming it’s easy to forget that games are a form of entertainment, meaning that we play them to have fun and not prove something to someone.

To have fun using Luna’s Howl you’d have to spend from 10 to 15 hours on a quest, that isn’t designed to be fun at all. But you can hire a pro player who can deal with this boring quest, so how is this bad? Bungie devs don’t push the competitive aspect of the game, there aren’t any tournaments, the game isn’t a part of any league. That doesn’t mean that pro-players shouldn’t have the reason to play the game. They can help other players to have the same amount of fun as themselves by coaching, playing in the same team, helping with quests. Hiring a pro player won’t cost you more than a couple of dinners with your girlfriend.

Besides, you won’t even need to miss dinner, because you’ll have much more time for your personal life since that quest will be done for you by someone else. So, imagine coming home from a dinner with your girlfriend and Luna’s Howl is already waiting for you in your inventory! And by the way, the price varies depending on how far you’ve gotten in the quest by yourself. It could cost you anywhere from 60$ to 140$ if you haven’t started the quest yet. The time it takes to get the gun for you is 12 hours, assuming that the quest hasn’t been started. So there you have it – more than 5000 professional players that can complete your order. There are about 1500 reviews from our clients that you can read to eliminate the last doubting thoughts. Check out the video below, you’re going to be doing this tomorrow! So go get that Luna’s Howl now and start wrecking faces!

Get Luna's Howl in 12 hours without grind! Get Luna's Howl

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