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Hey there, Guardian! How about diving deeper into the miraculous world of D2 pinnacles? With this article, we continue reviewing the game’s unique arsenal, and this time we will be focusing on Gambit pinnacles. On the menu today: a word or two on Gambit mechanics, guides on obtaining all the weapons, perks overview, and the chef’s special – kick-ass loadouts.


Destiny 2 Gambit and Gambit Prime: what’s the difference?

Introduced in Season of Drifter, Destiny 2 Gambit Prime offers a new breathtaking experience, considerably different from the classic Gambit mode. On one hand, the original mechanics have been simplified, but if you dig deeper, things are not as clear-cut as they might seem. But don’t fret, Guardian, let’s figure how to play Gambit Destiny 2 modes together.

To the naked eye, Gambit Prime almost entirely reproduces the gameplay of the original Gambit: kill adversaries, collect motes, defeat the boss. In fact, there are certain mechanics that make Prime mode especially distinctive:

  1. one round (it’s two or three in the original);
  2. one hundred motes (75 in regular Gambit) to summon the boss;
  3. the Primeval is a tougher nut to crack than it used to be in Gambit.

Points One and Two do not need further clarification – they are pretty clear, but the third Gambit Prime feature needs to be dwelled on more profoundly.

In Gambit Prime, our big and scary Primeval boss will be more tanky with the immunity shield. He will shake your attacks off like they are nothing unless you eliminate three Envoys and make the shield disappear. With the last Envoy’s demise, a Well of Light will emerge, granting a hefty damage buff against the Primeval. You will have only half a minute to slay the bastard because when this time runs out the shield comes back and you’ll have to repeat the process once again until you finally succeed.

As for motes collecting, there is one more feature worth mentioning. In Gambit Prime, you can steal motes from your opponent’s vaults. To do that you need to send as many blockers as you can as the draining requires two or more of them remaining on your enemy’s side. This is how you can slow their progress down but be careful: the same technique can and will be applied to your bank as well.


21% Delirium: a smart addition to your Destiny 2 weapons gallery

Our list of Destiny 2 Gambit Prime weapons starts with a machine gun and not just any machine gun but one of the Season Six’s favorites – 21% Delirium. Stylish as much as deadly, this bad boy is fully masterworked like other pinnacles but particularly stands out with its insane rate of fire (almost a thousand rpm) and impressive-sized magazine with 105 rounds. Destiny 2 21 Delirium special perks give you extra reload after picking up a certain type of ammo (Heavy and Special) and also buffs damage as long as you keep killing with the gun and make sure it is deployed (no stowing and reloading, sorry). Not really a game-changer, as you can see, but it is a truly reliable aide for mob-slaying in PvE, which can also come in handy in the PvP arena, being able to compete even with the fastest SMGs.

How to get 21 Delirium? Pay a friendly visit to The Drifter to collect a pursuit of three objectives, which include landing some multikills, annihilating Primevals and their Envoys, and getting your Infamy rank reset. The first two are pretty straightforward and are sure to be completed by simply playing Gambit matches, but the last is where the real grind lies. In order to reset the rank, you have to hit Legend earning in total more than fifteen thousand points. Only then you’ll be kicked to the very first rank, and your Triumph will be counted as finished. 21 Delirium quest does not feature anything abnormal – it’s rather attainable but very labor-intensive.

You can pair Delirium with Breakneck, another Gambit pinnacle, and get solid PvE results. For PvP try out Ace of Spades or the Last Word plus 21% Delirium – it’s gonna serve you quite well.


Breakneck: an absolute Destiny 2 Gambit weapons leader

Season 5’s top-tier pinnacle, Destiny 2 Breakneck is a true kinetic gem. This auto rifle is surprisingly good for both PvP and PvE. Its unique perks grant you a buffy rate of fire increase when synergized with Rampage perk. As a good add-clearing tool, it comes in handy in pushing through the waves of enemies and also in dealing fast damage to the rival Guardians.

Speaking of how to get Breakneck Destiny 2 auto rifle, your starting point will be to visit our canny buddy The Drifter, and he will be kind enough to give you a new pursuit to follow. In comparison with the Delirium’s time-consuming obtaining process, this one is a tremendous relief. Destiny 2 Breakneck quest offers you the easiest grind of them all consisted of four objectives that can be completed simultaneously without much difficulty. You will have to go through forty Gambit matches spreading auto rifle kills and multikills and dealing with challenging enemies along the way.

Combined with Rampage Spec and The Sixth Coyote armor it works really good on Hunters. On a Warlock, try Lunafaction Boots and Fighting Lion+Breakneck pair.

As for more general loadout, we recommend the following combos:

  • Breakneck + Telesto + Swarm of the Raven;
  • Breakneck + Ikelos + Sleeper Simulant/D.A.R.C.I.;
  • Breakneck + Thunderlord.


Hush: silent and deadly Destiny 2 pinnacle

Many shooter players believe that a bow falls strictly within fantasy gun-free realms and attributes well only to Robin Hood and comic book characters. Well, that’s an enormous misconception, and Destiny 2 Hush is a perfect proof of that. It joined the pinnacles ranks in Season of Opulence. Indeed a non-trivial weapon choice, it can show quite impressive results if used with certain mastery. Destiny 2 Hush bow is quite appealing due to its perk that heftly increases draw speed when you land precision shots from the hip i.e. without proper aiming. Among other notable perks, we can particularly highlight increased accuracy which is crucial for bow-users.

How to get Hush Destiny 2 combat pinnacle bow? Again, The Drifter is our guy here. He’ll assign you a mission of three objectives. Two are pretty simple – landing regular and precision kills with a bow – but the third one requires earning medals, and not just a bunch of them but almost six hundred. You get the medals by doing stuff while playing Gambit or Gambit Prime – defeat a certain number of enemies in a single life, for example, or drain your opponents’ bank, or collect motes very quickly and so on. Sounds rather achievable, and it actually is, but it’s gonna take some time, and the only way to speed things up and not to make Destiny 2 Hush quest last forever is to try to win multiple medals in a single match. This will significantly help you progress faster but of course, won’t spare you a long medal farming process (which, by the way, can be easily avoided with our Destiny 2 carry for pinnacles), but if you are a skillful archer, Hush is totally worth the grind.

We recommend you pairing it with a close-range weapon like a sidearm or an SMG (Recluse, Tarrabah, Smuggler's Word) and using a helmet that enhances your bow targeting.


The best way to get a pinnacle is a Destiny 2 boost

Did you miss our regular column “Insane Quest Completion Numbers”? Well, here it is. It’s been found out through trial and error that 21% Delirium grind takes approximately twelve hours of non-stop playing and involves winning about 70 Gambit games in Gambit mode. With Breakneck it’s even worse: a professional can finish all objectives in roughly 9 hours, so imagine how much a regular player is gonna spend. We shouldn’t even start talking about Hush – earning those medals is just painful and the progress crawls along at a snail's pace.

Can you guess, what can be done here?

Right you are, can help you. We can take care of those irksome Gambit quests in no time, allowing you to enjoy the weapons without having ventured through the grinding. Remember: we are happy when you are happy, so go ahead, check out our weapon offers and don’t forget to take a look at the Vanguard Pinnacle weapons guide – maybe you’ll want to add a gun or two from that list to your order.

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