From The 80s to Warzone: Two Best New Old-School Loadouts


A new season calls for a new meta, and this time is no exception. Season 2 has a couple of badass titles on the roster, so join us as we walk you through the builds for the two most overpowered weapons in the game as of today. Hurry up and use these setups while the devs haven't nerfed them!

Meet Your Two New Best Friends In Call of Duty

Since the new season is out, the meta has obviously changed, and it's important for you guys to update your classes accordingly to stay ahead of the competition. That's the recipe for how to win Warzone and that’s why we are here today with two new loadouts that will absolutely make your every match.

Let's go right ahead and start with the class setup where the main star of the show is the new DLC weapon LC10. This SMG is regarded as XM4 but on wheels. This weapon has insane mobility and zero recoil, as well as incredibly fast TTK. With this baby, you'll be able to drop a double nuke in one game. Right here we're going to give you a class setup to use if you are trying to level this weapon up to the max rank fast.Now, let's work on your killer build. First off, start by slapping the Sound Suppressor into your muzzle slot. It's perfect because you’d want to have an attachment that's going to allow you to flank the enemies, get behind their spawn, and go absolutely nuts with those stealth kills. Because of the fact this gun hits really hard, this is not going to mess up the weapon's TTK or its DMG at all. Next up, for the barrel, you're gonna want to put on the Reinforced Heavy 11.9" for effective dmg range and bullet speed. It's going to make this weapon much more deadly at medium to long range. With the absence of recoil on this gun, it's literally the perfect attachment to use even in those hectic Call of Duty Warzone matches. Being so good in almost every situation, this is what makes it one of the best Warzone loadouts. But we're far from being done customizing it.


Meet the Craziest Submachine Gun For Call of Duty Warzone

You don't need to choose anything for the body slot because there really isn't anything that's going to benefit this weapon, especially if you are in the early unlock phase. For the underbarrel, it's best to run the Foregrip or the Bruiser Grip. This will allow you to have that movement speed, sprinting move speed, shooting move speed, and ADS walking move speed. Even with this attachment, this gun literally does not move while shooting, and you can easily walk around the map while ADS and win every single gunfight as if you are holding the best AR in Warzone. Finally, for the handle, you should have the Dropshot Wrap for strength resistance and aiming while going prone, which makes this gun work wonders at close-range and meter-range situations. This is the absolute ultimate LC10 class setup to use while you're still leveling this weapon up. You might want to consider having the Streetsweeper shotgun, Stimshot, C4, and Field Mic for the rest of the gear. You can run any perks you like. Just pick something you're most comfortable with while we're going to move to our another best loadout for the Warzone game.


We've just talked about the current best SMG Warzone has to offer, and now it's time for an assault rifle! FARA 83 is like the Krig 6 on steroids. If we could compare this gun to the previous DLC weapons, it's going to be just like the CR56 AMAX from MW. This is a high dmg, fast fire rate, low recoil AR, which makes it an absolute melt machine that can perform even better with the right attachments equipped.


CoD Warzone and The 80's AR

Like many CoD Warzone best loadouts, we're going to put on 8 attachments for this one. First off, we're going to use an optic. The Millstop Reflex is the absolute ultimate choice to slot if you are in the early unlock phase of this gun. It's going to be perfect at close and medium ranges, as well as long ranges. This gun literally dominates at all three ranges.

As for the muzzle, this weapon has a vertical recoil and can get somewhat difficult to control at longer ranges, so if you guys are going to go full-auto, the muzzle break will be the best mod to use.

For the barrel, this is where things are getting pretty intriguing. FARA 83 does not have the same barrels as XM4 or the AK47. It's going to be just like the Krig 6, so we’d opt for the Liberator barrel, which is going to increase the bullet velocity. Folks, this barrel is unbelievable, but in order to get the blueprint with it, you're gonna need to reach level 95 of your Battle Pass. It's not easy to do, but here at Legionfarm, we can carry you all the way there in a heartbeat. So, think about it while we continue to build one of the best weapons in Warzone.

On the body slot, you'll want to slap on the Flashlight for 20% more reveal distance. It's pretty self-explanatory as to why you want to run this – with an AR that has no recoil and kills fast, you want to see people at longer ranges. For the underbarrel, it's another no-brainer. Slap the Foregrip on to fix the horizontal recoil. For the magazine again, if you're blessed to have the option, you'd want to go with the 50-round mag. Otherwise, put the 40-round one or the speed mag. For the handle, run either the Speed Tape or the Dropshot Wrap, as both a perfectly fine for the Warzone meta.


There's More To Come From This Call of Duty Update

We're almost done here, guys. For the stock, you'll need the KGB Skeletal one because, once again, if you have such an option, it's going to allow you to have the increased weapon readiness time. It determines how fast you can start shooting the gun after you stopped sprinting. For those who do not have such a choice, go ahead and put on either the first or the second available option. They're all going to be good choices for you. So, this is going to be the absolute best FARA 83 class to use. The remainder of the setup is going to be, once again, the Streetweeper, Stimshot, C4, and Field Mic. For the perks, as usual, go with whatever you're most comfortable with, although, for this kind of Call of Duty weapons, we'd suggest going with the Scavenger and FLAK Jacket.


And this leaves us with one last thing we wanted to tell you. Even though you don't really need the blueprint variants of these two weapons, it would still benefit you greatly to advance high up in the Battle Pass levels. Understandably, it's a long grind, but it's the one that can be made easier to go through with our Warzone LFG. Our Play with Pro service will allow you to gather a squad of pros who will play with you and make you lvl up your BP at a much faster speed. On top of that, you may switch to the coaching option at any time if you need that extra bit of wisdom.

These are all the loadouts we wanted to share with you for today. As the season goes on, we'll surely cover the new sniper setup, so stay tuned on, and we'll see you soon!

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