From Bronze to Diamond through coaching - is it real?


Hi everyone! It’s Foksey again!

You know, it occurred to me that people don’t fully understand why we at LegionFarm are focusing more on coaching and in-game assistance services rather than classical boosting.

It’s not a secret to many that boosting is the most popular in-game service you can get. When boosting, everything is done without your participation. You simply pay some money, hand over your account to someone else, and enjoy the results in a short while. It’s quite a straightforward process and has been in existence for a long time. It seems like the perfect deal, but there's actually an issue.

Let’s evaluate some very popular boosting services, like a PvP rank boost. The process is the same no matter which game. It goes as follows - a player has a low PvP rank and buys a boost. When the boosting process is done, the player's account is now at the top of the PvP ranks, which is great. But, the player himself is still a low skilled PvP player. And now, he's going to cause trouble for his future teammates because he is not as good as them. In this case, he's actually helping his enemies, since they will be killing him over and over. Therefore, in reality, the only benefit of this type of service is a nice rank number on one's account, but it was achieved by doing nothing. So, what's the point of all of this if one's rank doesn’t hold up in practice? Additionally, this type of service will never be good for gaming communities. Actually, boosting ruins gaming experiences.

LegionFarm changed everything. We completely reworked our services stemming from the above. Through us, a customer is fully involved with his own order while being assisted by one of our experienced coaches. Our service does not negatively impact the game, it’s community, and players in any way. Through our coaching service, customers actually end up with skills that match their account ranks.

In the end, LegionFarm customers become experienced and strong players that can help their less experienced friends with handling the game. The service we provide is much better than boosting in every single regard. In addition to your account rank increasing naturally, you’re getting the necessary skills to have a blast in-game while playing with a great teammate. After an order with us is finished, you get to continue having fun with the game, because now, you can actually play at a new, higher level, which was achieved through your efforts. In our opinion, this brings much more enjoyability to players versus simple rank boosting.

But for a lot of players, coaching is seen as some weird service. Many think, why would I pay for this? How can I feel or see my results once the order is complete? Why did LegionFarm decide to go this route?

Let’s start with the results. The following statement is based on my own experience (I’ve gone through some training with our Apex Legends Pro’s), as well as a client's experience who agreed to share their post-purchase results. We’re going to be talking about Apex Legends since it's currently the most popular game on our platform.

So, if we combine all of the info I’ve gathered, the conclusion we get is that:


And together with that, players feel no discomfort while playing. In fact, LegionFarm customers sense who their personal in-game skills are improving during the process of playing with our Pro’s. Our players can even strive for the Predator rank. If you’re thinking that this type of rank can only be achieved due to having one of our pro players in a client’s team, well, think again! Because that's simply not true :)! Even when playing with random teammates, our players feel fine. They feel that they are well ranked in accordance with their skills, but that they can do better. What's best of all, is that the in-game skill boost was achieved through their own efforts.

And yes, players won’t immediately feel the results of their efforts. Some time and practice are of course needed for skills to flourish and become familiar. However, after a day or two, one will be playing much better even if this is not personally noticed. One's KD rate will automatically improve, higher places in matches will be attained, and win streaks will become more of a common thing. Watching from the side, your improvements will be very noticeable. Someone familiar with your gameplay will definitely think: “Hey, how did you learn to do that?!” after you give what we do at LegionFarm a try!

Here’s the last question. Why did LegionFarm decide to go this route? Because it’s simply just better! What we do doesn’t hurt anyone’s experience! Most of the time we don’t even go against any of the rules imposed by game developers, which makes us a lot more valuable to clients! And like I mentioned before, what's the point of your Diamond account if you’re playing like a Bronzie?

Hopefully, this post helped you understand the logic behind our coaching services a bit better :)

Foksey out!

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