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The new zombies map for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has finally been released, after weeks of hinting, teasing, and then dropping a tantalizing reveal trailer. Now that our pros have finally gotten their hands on it, we’re eager to share their thoughts. Read on for all the latest info!

Call of Duty Cold War is Committed to Zombies Mode

Season 1 of Call of Duty Cold War is really coming up to be a love letter to those of us niche fans who love this strange sci-fi horror pulp fiction that the Dark Aether plotline is shaping up to be. Firebase Z is the next entry in this zany CoD zombies epic, following the trail pioneered by Die Maschine. In this chapter, Black Ops Cold War Zombies mode takes us to Outpost 25 in Vietnam, where Requiem and Omega Group hold off against the onslaught of the undead hordes in their search for Aetherium.

So, the plot is crazy, but what all is actually included in the new CoD update? And most importantly, is it any good? For a quick summary, yes, this new map is awesome co-op fun, and you’re sure to get hours of gameplay out of this. There’s a new Wonder Weapon, called the R.A.I. K-84, with a silly, convoluted path to obtain it. The new enemy types make for cool encounters, have a perfectly schlocky, over-the-top design; and they prove themselves frequently scary, eager to jump in while you’re focused on objectives and already in a fight you think is well-contained.

Want to know more details? Keep reading to get your Call of Duty news fix and we’ll fill you in.


What Makes the New Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z Good?

Where so many other entries in the series have failed or neglected zombies players, the CoD Zombies Cold War delivers distills what makes the mode so much fun for the hardcore fans. This Black Ops Zombie Map has a strong story focus, with regular commentary from members of your faction, and objectives which keep you jumping across the map, juggling multiple hordes of enemies. As you move from building to building, with each enclosed space a pulse-spiking, claustrophobia-inducing potential disaster on the later rounds, each completed objective will cause both euphoria and dread; the feeling of accomplishment for overcoming the odds is rarely rivaled in other co-op games but each new round results in even tougher enemies being thrown against your fireteam until you either find victory or—more likely—succumb to the overwhelming forces of your undead foes. Where other games are eager to drop you back into the lobby every half hour to let you take a breath and bask in victory, this Call of Duty zombies map, like the other entries in this series, just ramps up the tension until you break and you end up feeling relieved when it’s finally over, but still all the eager to jump back in again.


The State of CoD Cold War Zombies Weapons

So, what weapons should you be bringing with you in the new CoD Zombies map? Those new to the zombies mode should know that the weapons will perform quite a bit differently from how they do in typical multiplayer, so don’t expect your favorites to feel like they do in deathmatch. The good news is that the new Wonder Weapon is a zomb-sploding masterpiece. Once you’ve progressed deep enough into the map to unlock it, you’re likely going to need it to overcome the challenges you’re sure to face.

But what else should you be packing? Well, everyone has their own choices, but there are two important things to know. First, nothing feels quite like a highly-upgraded shotgun right now. Tearing through hordes of zombies with clouds of buckshot feels awesome. Second, assault rifles are in a very bad place right now. You need something that does strong AoE damage and doesn’t need to reload often, and the assault rifle is for precise eliminations of single targets. That can be useful against some of the larger targets, but only if you dump a lot of resources into upgrading a weapon that’s only going to be useful in very specific situations. Plus, the space that the rifle takes up is needed by more important weapons.


CoD Cold War Zombies with PROs

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Thanks for taking the time to read up on the latest CoD news! We hope you liked the article, and we’re looking forward to deploying to Firebase Z with you.

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