Eavesdropping and Speculating About Call of Duty CW & Warzone Season 3


Can’t wait to hear what’s planned for the next season? Too bad, because the devs are keeping their cards to themselves. But it’s not all that bad. Some people have been digging around, and they’ve found lots of curious information. Join us and uncover where the current events will take us next!

The Future of Call of Duty Is Close

It’s time to look into the future, digging into the leaks and fan theories about Season 3 of CoD Cold War & Warzone. There are so many questions we want to ask — the questions about new content, gameplay changes, and how the story will evolve. Season 2 was a lot different in terms of events that took place in both games, and we can only imagine what’s going to happen with Verdansk in the near future. Oh, and who could forget about the CoD Cold War zombies? We haven’t got an update on them in a while. So, we know what we want, now let’s see how much of it we’re going to get.

In terms of the release date, the new season is scheduled for the 21st/22nd of April, depending on which time zone you’re in. The current season is short compared to the first one, and you might think that it’s too early to be talking about Season 3, but it’s going to come around for both Call of Duty games faster than you know. All of the information we’ll be discussing here is coming from various unofficial sources, so whether you believe this info or not is entirely up to you.


The Undead Threat Hanging Over Call of Duty Warzone

Treyarch confirms that we are to expect a new main quest in Season 3 in Outbreak. We’ll see new enemy types and might also see some new maps since it has also been publicly known that more will come in the future. So, we could potentially see Sanatorium added or some other locations from the Ural Mountains area further down the line. In terms of the next zombies map, it’s going to be set in Berlin. If you need proof for that, there’s a lot of hints hidden in the game already, including the ones in Warzone Season 2, that point to this. Some specific calling cards and intel in the game all can contain information regarding Berlin, so one may make an educated guess that this is the exact city for a new zombie plotline to unfold.

We’ve no information on who’s going to make it into the next season as an operator. However, some operators we are likely to see at some point in the new CoD, just because they are likely to sell a lot, are obviously Kravchenko, Grigori Weaver, and also Hudson. Some people have also been thinking we could see Alex Mason as a Battle Pass operator, which would be a massive incentive for people to buy that pass. However, as the storyline goes, he’s currently raising his son, so he shouldn’t be in action.

In terms of maps, there’s one codenamed Echelon that has been in the game files since release. For some weird reason, it hasn’t been released yet. There’s been plenty of leaked images and gameplay footage that show that this location is kind of a mix between High Rise that’s set on the building rooftops and also Dome from MW3 as there’s a giant satellite. We then have another map from the files that’s a Fireteam/Multi-Team map codenamed Dunes. So far, no nothing concrete about the Warzone new map, though.


Call of Duty Cold War and the Leaked Guns

According to one reputable leaker, remakes slash remasters of several maps will be coming to the game at some point, too. We’re likely to see remasters added during the reloaded updates of seasons.

The next stop for the upcoming CoD Warzone update is weapons. Different weapons have been found in the game files over the past year. Just keep in mind that there’s a possibility that some of these may be leftover, or they may be scrapped or something like that. Most of these have been in the files since the game was first released, and there’s no telling as to why we haven’t really heard much since the day the miners first posted about them.

So, first of all, people have found a Scorpion SMG in the files, which is the classic gun that we saw in BO1. They’ve also apparently found the CZ-75 pistol, the Dragunov SR, and also the FAL tactical rifle. Specifically, people have come across a texture for a wall by outline for the FAL, which could suggest that this weapon may be coming to zombies. It’s not likely that we’re going to see zombies-exclusive weapons, so it could come as a multiplayer gun. We’d just have to wait for official Call of Duty news to confirm any of that at this point.


Black Ops Cold War and the Ether Anomaly Consequences

In terms of equipment, a firing Shield and barbed wire have been found as field upgrades slash equipment for both multiplayer and zombies modes. Once again, these have been in the files since the release. Right now, they’re using the placeholder models from BO4. However, data miners have posted on Twitter that there’s actually a menu screen showcasing these pieces of equipment, implying that they will, in fact, be added at some point in the future unless they were canceled.

What is going to be happening to zombies in Warzone? Apparently, we’ll be seeing zombie camos coming to Warzone soon. As for our undead friends, it seems that they will continue to spread over to the prison, the hospital, and other places, most likely over the coming weeks, until the Outbreak counter reaches 100%. Some people have also noticed that there’s now another boat that’s coming closer to Rebirth Island, probably bringing the undead there too.

Somehow, all of this stuff with zombies in Warzone ties into the Berlin Zombies DLC map that we talked about earlier. Also, as you know, there’s an upcoming Nuke Event for Warzone as three nuclear bunkers have opened up, and we have a leaked plague game mode that’s going to be dropped at some point between now and the Season 3 release date. The leaked description suggests that the undead have overrun the entire city, and players must take it back. If players fail, the nukes will detonate, and if players succeed, they get to exfil. So, it seems like there’s going to be a nuke via this mode, and it might not be a proper live event. It could just be a mode that’s going to be there for around a month or a couple of weeks. Where we’re going to go after the Verdask is destroyed, we don’t know yet, but everything points at the Ural Mountains.

That’s all the news we have for you so far. As usual, remember that we offer the Call of Duty LFG services on the Legionfarm website. Using these services, you can hire pros for coaching through the Play with Pro option or go for a couple of casual matches. Last but not least, thank you for staying with us and if you want to be the first to know more about the upcoming season, stay right here at legionfarm.com.

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