Destiny 2’s New World First Race Has Been Announced


The latest TWAB post has revealed the date of the next World First raid race, giving players a little sneak-peak on what to expect from Destiny’s iconic raid event this year.

Destiny 2 teases its next Race Day

With less than a month left till one of the most anticipated releases this year, Bungie keeps teasing us with new bits and pieces on their upcoming Destiny 2 Beyond Light. Usually sparse on news and details (that’s what we call building up anticipation, right?), they’ve really outdone themselves, presenting new Destiny 2 subclasses, the Europa trailer, Destiny Content Vault and weapons sunsetting info all in the past few weeks, not to mention their epic video showcasing new Destiny 2 weapons and armor. And the treats just keep rolling. In the latest TWAB post, the devs have finally revealed the date of the next World First raid race, and that’s exactly what we’re here to talk about today.


Destiny 2 news you’ve been dying to hear

One of the most celebrated game traditions, the World First event, gives Destiny’s hardcore raiders a chance to make their mark and bask in the rays of glory, claiming the most magnificent rewards and most honorable titles. The first Race Day kicked off in September 2014, and since then, more than a dozen of clans have been crowned as ultimate champions, with their names forever written into the history of Destiny.

This year is no exception. The starting whistle for all raiding parties will be blown on November 21, and the first one to finish will be cheered as victors. While we all are still in the dark about the raid specifics (except for the fact that it’ll be set on Europa, just like pretty much everything else in Beyond Light), Bungie made it perfectly clear that the victory will not come on a silver platter. Those who’re eager to venture into the Deep Stone Crypt must gear up and grab their Destiny 2 best weapons. Gladly, they still have time to do that.

While there’s next to nothing known about the raid enemies, we might expect new subclasses to play a major role. With Beyond Light launching on November 10, players will have around ten days to get used to the whole in-game shake-up and learn to use all these changes to their advantage. (One might need a Destiny 2 carry or some coaching, but your buddies at Legionfarm are always ready to provide.)

In the latest TWAB post, David Dague, known as DeeJ, announced a list of requirements and details all World First contestants need to consider. Here they are:

  • Contest Mode will be enabled for 24 hours, leaving all players capped 20 levels below each raid encounter;
  • Artifact Power will be off;
  • 1230 Power level is required to enter the raid.

As you can see, that’s pretty demanding but nothing extremely out of the ordinary. However, participant-teams will surely have to sweat a lot in their high-tier Destiny 2 armor sets and probably bite all their nails as they wait for the results because Bungie’s determined to put more effort and time into evaluating the runs.


You don’t have a fireteam yet? It’s time for some Destiny 2 LFG!

As for the reward part, all the winning fireteam’s members will be honored by a special raid belt, which is supposed to be revealed later on. Those who are not the first to finish but still manage to make a successful run while Contest Mode is on will be rewarded with a unique emblem. A raid jacket is among other goodies, and Bungie also teased some Destiny 2 exotics that’ll drop from raid loot chests. We still don’t know if they’re the same ones that were showcased in the trailer or we’ll be lucky to get something entirely new, but the hype is officially on, so you’d better start squeezing all the Power you can get into your gear and loadout if you want to beat the raid and get your rewards.


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It goes without saying that to get prepped for Destiny 2 raid World First race, you need to put some hefty work into your Guardian. To level up is a must, but with a huge chunk of content leaving the game for good, you might need to hurry up to farm all the soon-to-be-retired guns and gear. Our Destiny 2 Play with Pro services offer you a perfect opportunity to get raid-ready and hone your gaming skills to face every encounter with all guns blazing. Play with pro gamers to carry out your raiding mission and treat your Guardian to the nicest rewards Destiny 2 has to give. Here at we’ve already come up with a bunch of fresh Beyond Light offers, so take a minute to check them out and stay tuned for more updates coming to our blog.

Let the Light guide you, Guardian.

And see you soon!

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