Destiny 2 is on the verge of some big changes


Destiny 2 news flash: What’s on Bungie’s mind?

With Shadowkeep almost on our doorstep, Bungie is ready to begin Destiny 2 Year 3, and it looks like they are serious about bringing some drastic changes to the game.

Things weren’t always good for the franchise. It had its ups and downs, but Bungie seems to learn from their mistakes. Not so long ago, the D2’s director Luke Smith has written a lengthy post on Bungie’s website, explaining Destiny 2 Year 3 roadmap and enlightening us on what to expect from the upcoming season, and oh boy! it looks we are about to witness something large-scale and extremely ambitious.

In this article, we’ve carefully compiled everything we’ve learned so far about Year 3, including a few facts about the updates and all the changes that the game is going to undergo.


What is waiting for us in Season of Undying?

We’re just three weeks away from Destiny 2 new update, and the question ‘What to expect?’ has never been more acute. Well, to be honest, there is a lot to expect. We don’t usually tend to set our hopes very high, but this time Bungie’s ideas look really promising.

First of all, they want to give us more leeway in terms of accessing the content. From now on, we’ll be able to choose what to play ourselves. This applies in particular to Annual Passes. Previously you had the only option to buy the entire year’s content in advance, not knowing if you’re gonna like the yet unreleased seasons or not. Now you can purchase each season separately for just 10$, and it won’t affect your in-game possibilities at any rate.

Secondly, Bungie aims to make the seasons more self-contained, each having its distinctive features but still intrinsically linked to the others. It sounds like a good idea, ‘cause the previous seasons were more standalone with the characters dropping out of nowhere without even having crossed paths before. Now, when Destiny 2 new DLC finally comes out, we can expect some nice cliffhangers, nodding at what’s coming next to keep us hyped about the story development. We don’t know about you but we’re very much excited to hear that.

Thirdly, the Destiny world will be constantly evolving. Seasonal activities and items will come and go. It means that some things will only be temporary and will go away when the season is finished, but the other stuff will remain to set the stage for something new. For instance, Season of Undying features fighting the Vex, which in turn includes certain activities like story-missions and raids, but as soon as the season ends, all of them are gonna disappear, leaving the in-game world entirely different from the way it was at the Season’s beginning. However, something will still be there – some hint, some link to the next Ninth Season of the Dawn. As a result, we have a distinctive story, a greatly re-shaped world, and a solid connection to the next plotline.

However, Bungie particularly outlines that all Destiny 2 new exotics and meta-changing weapons will not go away for good with the Season’s end. If you for some reason couldn’t earn them, you’ll have a chance to do it in the next season, although not at the very beginning but somewhere around the time when you’re halfway through. If you ask us, that’s a pretty nice trade-off between keeping things dynamic and not hurting the meta and the weapon collectors’ feelings.

Speaking of weapons, we are promised some good stuff. Destiny 2 new weapons are reported to include three exotics: a bow that goes by the name of Leviathan’s Breath, a hand cannon (probably a sniper one, though we’re not so sure how it’s gonna work) which is called Eriana’s Vow, and a yet unnamed trace rifle. Moreover, some weapon rewards are definitely gonna drop from Garden of Salvation – Destiny 2 new raid.


Destiny 2 Shadowkeep expectations

Shadowkeep is pioneering in delivering the major in-game changes, and on October 1st we will be able to experience them in full. The story takes us back to the Moon, which has completely changed since we last saw it in D1. It is now swarming with nightmares – horrible ghost-like entities, which are gonna scare the hell outta even the toughest Guardians. Our old ally Eris Morn needs help to deal with these creatures, so we’d better ready for some ghost-busting.

As it has already been confirmed, Shadowkeep introduces Destiny 2 Armor 2.0 – a new system for gearing your character up. It brings some long-forgotten stats back and gives you more freedom in customization by mixing different mods. As a result, you get not only a pleasing-the-eye stylish look but also a powerful tool for improving your performance. While we are on the subject, it’s worth mentioning that besides Armor 2.0 there are three seasonal armor sets available by raising Season Pass Ranks (we’re gonna talk about them a bit later) and by completing Vex Offensive – an exclusive seasonal activity. It, by the way, is dropping Legendary weapons as well, contains bounties and other challenges that are gonna keep you busy during the Season.

Seasonal Artifact is another addition in Bungie’s list. It provides more customizing opportunities and works in tandem with Armor 2.0. The Artefact will change from one season to another. You can power it up simply by doing what you enjoy – playing Destiny 2. Yes, that’s right, no more dull grinding. When you earn XP and level up, your artifact becomes more powerful. As the artifacts are constantly replacing one another, it gives you more flexibility in experimenting with new builds and new combos, adjusting it to different playstyles and in-game situations.


Destiny 2 new reward system

One more notable innovation is Destiny 2 Season Pass ranks. There are a hundred of them, they provide you with tons of rewards and require nothing but just earning XP, shooting, and completing strikes and bounties. According to the Season Pass UI, we’re gonna have free rewards and the premium ones. You will get rewarded anyway, even if you don’t own the Season, but for faster progression and more useful loot, it’s better to get those premiums. So, the bottom line is, whatever you do in D2 you’re gonna be rewarded for it. Once again, Season Ranks alongside the rewards are reset when the new season comes, but the most significant items like legendaries remain intact.

Finally, Bungie is moving away from pay-to-win types of activities. According to the new plan, they are trying not to just indulge buying things but to bring back the joy of the real gaming experience. Of course, they don’t intend to get rid of the purchasing mechanics for good: you will still be able to buy Season Ranks but not at the Season’s start. Now it’s gonna be more pay-to-catch-up type of thing rather than pay-to-win. We won’t know yet how we feel about it until we actually get a chance to play, but it sounds fair and rather feasible.

Of course, we hope that game-related activities will play a major role, overshadowing the loot-collecting practice. Season Pass is a great addition, but let’s not forget that it can never be more important than the game itself.


Destiny 2 New Light

Another point on Bungie’s agenda is making Destiny 2 more attainable. They are releasing a free New Light D2 version. It is really free, no jokes, and it contains every bit of content from Year 1 plus some free stuff from Season of the Undying. Here is just a couple of things that you’re gonna get with New Light:

  • Strikes (+ 2 new);
  • Gambit matches;
  • Crucible (+ Elimination);
  • Armor 2.0;
  • Seasonal Artifact;
  • 2 new pinnacles (Gambit and Crucible);
  • Free Seasonal Rank rewards (including legendary and exotic weapons + armor sets + glimmer + engrams).

It’s a hell of a boundary breaker, ‘cause the newcomers will have a real chance to explore the game and enjoy it with their friends without paying a penny. Well, of course, from the perspective of a new player, all this content in one pile can be quite confusing. Hopefully, the devs are gonna find a way to structurize it properly so that the newbies wouldn’t be lost. And by the way, if you’re thinking of joining the D2 players' community and need help in progressing, visit for some boosts and coaching services.

Well, to sum up, what are we gonna have in D2Y3?

  • You can jump into the new season without purchasing the entire expansion.
  • Character development and the reward system is more tangible.
  • Seasons are more unique yet narratively connected with each other.
  • Each Season is shaping the D2 world in its own way, adding and removing activities but leaving the most important items like legendaries or exotics.

It looks like we get a more player-oriented product focused on evolving and contributing to the game’s world. If this works out – and we are sure it will – it can be the whole new glorious era for Destiny 2. We are more than thrilled to see it come to life. Are you?

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