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Destiny 2’s popularity has not waned even though it was released more than three years ago. In the run-up to the new Season’s launch, we’ve decided to come up with a guide for those who are just starting to explore the D2’s universe.

In this guide, we will dwell on some basics and share a couple of tips, which will hopefully be useful to all the newly arrived players. If you are already familiar with the Destiny-verse and played the first part, peek into this article anyway – we will overview some major differences between the sequel and the original as well.


Creating your character

In D2, three character classes will be at your disposal. They are:

  1. Hunter;
  2. Warlock;
  3. Titan.

As soon as you pick a class, it’s gonna remain unchangeable till the game’s end. Well, almost unchangeable, ‘cause while progressing you’ll unlock subclasses. It’s one of the many innovations that differ D2 from the original version. Now there is an additional option for developing your character and discovering its powers. Each class consists of three subclasses, which in turn have a different set of abilities and their own elemental damage (we will elaborate more on elements a bit later).

For the newcomers, we would recommend the Titan class. The abilities are rather simple to use and moreover, your Guardian will have high durability and the ability to create force barriers that will surely come in handy. A short overview of each subclass is presented below.


  • Downblade. A melee support class using Solar energy. Downblade can generate solar swords and slam them into the ground, buffing and healing allies. A master of airborne attacks, Downblade is deadly coming from above and unleashing the true power of their perks.
  • Voidwalker. A Void warrior who can generate deadly vortexes and bolts of Light, eliminating enemies and aiding allies.
  • Stormcaller. A master of a lightning storm, Stormcaller electrocutes enemies, creates massive shockwaves and doesn’t forget about supporting allies.


  • Sentinel is a tank with lots of stamina and a Void Light shield, which can absorb a hefty amount of damage and perform ricocheting attacks.
  • Striker’s Super is a maelstrom-causing devastating fist-slamming. Alongside the ability to create barriers, this subclass is a perfect mix of defense and attack.
  • Sunbreaker is like Thor but instead of thunder and lightning, it summons a super damage-dealing Hammer of Sol. Like every Titan subclass, its perks can also enhance shield and jumping abilities.


  • Gunslinger. There is a new sheriff in town, and the bad boys better run away. With a blazing Solar pistol, Gunslinger is ready to one-shot some low-level mobs.
  • Arcstrider is a powerful attacker. Armed with an Arc Staff, this subclass is a master of dodging and melee kills.
  • Nightstalker. A skillful archer who will slow your foes down, weakening them and blocking their abilities. Nightstalkers can set traps and disappear for a while, which makes them extremely dangerous and good at distraction.

Elemental damage

We’ve already mentioned some of it while discussing the subclasses, and now it’s time to fill you in properly. In D2, there are three main elements:

  1. Solar, which is orange;
  2. Arc – the blue one;
  3. Void – the purple one.

Subclasses, weapons, and the enemies’ shields are divided according to these elements. Keep it in mind, as it will help you deal with powerful adversaries. Some of them have auras or shields of different colors, which means they are weak to the element of this particular color. For instance, your enemy has a purple shield, and the most effective type of damage to use would be Void.

XP and Power levels

Essentially, Power levels are a summary of your current in-game abilities, as they influence the range of activities available for your character when you reach the endgame. They determine such stats as your damage, mobility, and resilience. Always pay attention to them. When you deal with the main campaign and embark on the endgame, you will have to raise your Power level by completing certain missions and equipping powerful gear. The current Power level cap is 750, but the devs promise to raise it to 960 or even more.

Experience level is another crucial point in your D2 progression. Basically, every single thing you do in the game (from killing monsters to running through the campaign) gives you XP, and at a certain point, you will hit the Experience level cap of 20. Then the endgame will begin.



Here comes another big change from D1. Those who have played it probably remember that Guardians can carry three weapon units and switch between them in a battle. It’s still the same, however, weapon types system has been significantly improved. Instead of primary/secondary/heavy slots we now have the following:

  • Kinetic (first) slot – a weapon without any elemental features. It deals basic damage and is good for primary attacks.
  • Energy (second) slot – the same class of weapon but dealing elemental damage.
  • Power (third) slot – “powerful but slow” heavy weapon dealing tons of elemental damage.

As you can see, in their core, Kinetics and Energies are almost the same. It means your character can easily carry two rifles or two sidearms, with the only difference being the type of damage.


Classified by rarity, weapons and other items come in different colors:

  • common items (white);
  • uncommon items (green);
  • rare items (blue);
  • legendary items (purple);
  • exotic items (yellow).

This characteristic defines the damage amount, the number of perks, and the overall item power level. As soon as you are at Level 20, you’ll be able to equip yourself entirely with purple items. As for the exotics, there are some restrictions: you can wear only one piece of clothing and carry one weapon of this type of rarity.



First of all, handle the storyline. It’ll help you get comfortable with the game and its world, power up, unlock new maps and locations. As soon as you do it, move on to the side missions and activities:

  • patrols;
  • strikes;
  • public events;
  • the Crucible;
  • adventures;
  • raids;
  • Lost Sectors, etc.

Not to get lost in all this abundance, there is a special menu bar called Milestones. It shows what activity or event you can take part in and what reward you will receive for successful completion. Every week the Milestones are reset.

Raids are the most challenging D2 activities. They require careful action planning and profound tactical knowledge. Raids are designed for a group of players, six of them, to be precise. Originally, Destiny’s raids did not support any matchmaking, you needed to find teammates manually. Now there is a matchmaking system for solo players, which will team you up with clans to handle high-level activities. This allows you to battle through the most difficult D2 content and to witness the best in-game moments.

Endgame raids are totally random, so even if you are a part of an experienced clan, the raid is not guaranteed to go well. Once again we repeat that this task is extremely arduous, so we recommend you stay in touch with your team and coordinate your every move using a headset and a microphone. Remember that only one weak link can lead the group to a complete failure.


In D1, there were only two types of vehicles for Guardians to use: Sparrows and Fallen Pikes. In D2, the vehicle fleet has been expanded, allowing you to hijack a lot of enemy transport while running through the main campaign.

Sparrows are a standard type of transport that you can summon at any moment while exploring dangerous zones. Now D2 offers more enemy machines to mount – the Pikes are back alongside two types of Cabal vehicles. In Cabal zones, you can find Interceptor. It’s a more massive, bulky, and powerful hovercraft, which appears in secret public events and can be used in Adventures. You’ll also have a chance to drive an insanely astounding Drake battle tank during some of the main campaign missions.

Playing in a team

Destiny 2 is mostly a co-op game where you need to interact with other Guardians. Many activities can be handled solo, however, raids or high-level strikes require teamwork. If none of your buddies play D2, you can find some allies with the help of the Clans. This team-up will provide not only aid and support from fellow players but also grant you some extra rewards.


Tips for newbies

  • Storyline campaign can be handled solo but if you enlist the support of a high-level Guardian, the progression process will go much faster. Each Guardian gains XP in accordance with their current level, therefore playing in a team with two folks with lvl 7 and lvl 8, and the third having 15 lvl is rather easy.
  • At first, try to obtain white and green items. Don’t waste your money on purple ones at the Vendor’s, because most of the time you’re fine running blue gear, which drops massively after Level 10.
  • As we’ve already said, the easiest and the most suitable class for a newbie is Titan, though there are plenty of players interested in Hunter. Hunters are a sort of a game’s calling card ever since the first part. While powering up, focus on the defense including jumping height, dodging, etc.
  • Additional activities, such as Adventures and Public Events, help you collect rare and legendary items, and also give you a nice boost in gaining XP.
  • Raiding is recommended solely after you reach 260 Power level or preferably closer to 300 when you’ll have purple and yellow gear.
  • All weapon modifications and infusions should wait until you complete the main campaign.
  • As it has been mentioned while discussing Elemental damage, some enemies are immune to kinetic damage but are vulnerable to different types of energy damage, so keep it in mind when you face them in a battle.

It’s a lot to process for a newcomer but we believe it’s quite enough to feel confident at the game’s early stages. Later, you’ll just get into it and get everything figured out yourself, but if any issue occurs, check out our blog for more tips and news and for paid D2 help.

In conclusion, we’d like to warn you about the most fatal newcomers’ mistake. Do not play alone! If you do, the game will bore you very soon, turning into a monotonous routine, and is very likely to be given up after several days. Only teamwork ensures a unique experience and generates entertaining in-game situations, so if your friends haven’t played Destiny 2 yet, the launch of the free New Light version is a perfect chance for them to start.

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