Destiny 2: Bungie Makes a Bet on Number 13


Just a few days prior, Bungie released another weekly message to the community, but this time it was different. There was a lot to talk about, and some of the stuff they discussed was pretty shocking. Join us in this article as we go over the major points of the recent TWAB and learn what's so mind-blowing about it!

Destiny 2: Addressing Old and Persistent Issues

Just a few days ago, a new TWAB was published by Bungie. This means we got all over it, and now we're giving you its most juicy bits. Content-wise, we're nearing the end of the ongoing season of Beyond Light. Needless to say how excited we all are for all the things that will be implemented in the so-called Season of the Chosen, which should release just in a few short weeks. The great news is that the trailer for Season 13 is going to drop on the 2nd of February, which will make a lot of things clear for us. But before we get there, we have a few new features to cover. Seasonal Challenges are kind of like the main star of the TWAB. The open-world weapons changes can be seen as the icing on the cake.

So, there are mainly two big features we want to focus on today. One of them might be pretty familiar to you by now – it’s Seasonal Challenges. The other one is about a number of open-world changes related to weapons. You'd argue that it's not exactly a feature, but that's how Bungie was putting it, so who are we to disagree? The news about what kind of Destiny 2 exotics will be available through the new Destiny 2 Season Pass will come at a later date just so you know. And now, time to talk gameplay.


Make Your Time at Destiny 2 Beyond Light More Meaningful

Looking over the last year, Bungie states that they have attempted to solve a prominent problem of players being afraid of missing out on content. That’s why they've been tweaking and tinkering with seasons, making season-unique content available for the duration of the whole year. As part of this effort, several changes have been made to how Bright Dust (BD) is earned and the way bounties work. So, what's the big idea here? The idea is to give players more venues to earn all sorts of rewards and even XP. Bungie’s started looking into this problem (the problem of players missing out on content) and trying to figure out what actually should qualify as seasonal content and how players should engage with it. As a result, they've come up with several guidelines – pathways that will lead to solving this massive issue. The established guidelines are as follows:

  • All returning or new players should have a guide that'd tell them what they can do this week or day
  • Weekly-updated guidance through the content of the season
  • Players should be encouraged to dive deep into the details and small mechanics of each season (stuff like artifact powers and such are probably meant here)
  • There should be fewer XP and BD penalties for not playing during a week

To try and address all of these at once, the devs have come up with the Seasonal Challenges system. There's now a separate window for them that updates weekly. These challenges are a lot like you might have seen in other online games in the sense that they encourage you to do all sorts of activities like the Crucible, Gambit, all kinds of PvE missions, and most likely quests, too.

Let's say that one week you might get a challenge to complete the quest for Destiny 2 Hawkmoon. It will be ideal for those who are always on the fence about doing particular activities. Let's be honest, when we launch the game every day (or whenever), the first thing we do is think about what we will be doing in this game session. So these challenges are a nice way to help you decide. Besides, there's always a reward at the end, so you'll never feel like you're wasting time. With the Destiny 2 new season, you'll be able to take on these challenges whenever you want. The expiry date for all of them will be set to the end of the season. What's more, you don't have to pick them up from vendors or activate them in any other way. They'll all be active from the get-go. The devs also state that they took their time and made some of the challenges more difficult and, most importantly, varied. So it won't always be "do this 10 times'' or "kill that 50 times." The best thing, though, is that more than half of these challenges won't require you to have the Season pass. It means that it'll get easier to improve your char's Destiny 2 stats.


The Good Part of Destiny 2 News

Let's talk about Bright Dust some more. As it turns out, apart from the Destiny 2 challenges, the devs have improved the ways of earning this particular currency. The general trend here is that we'll be getting much more of BD in the future. Just a quick reminder to help you understand why this is such a cool change. The BD currency is the one you spend on the cosmetics from the Eververse. In other words, you'll have more opportunities to buy something you'd otherwise have to pay real money for. And if you own the battle pass, the total amount of BD you'll be able to have by the end of the season will be 10,000! That's a lot! You may also know that sometimes you can buy Destiny 2 weapons from the Eververse. Those aren't cheap, but they'll become more affordable from now on.

And now to the sandbox improvements. These improvements are all wrapped around one purpose – enabling crossplay. Although crossplay will come much later this year, the developers are looking into weapon archetypes and, more specifically, how each of those archetypes deals with the Recoil parameter. As such, some of the weapon types have reduced Recoil when mouse+keyboard is used. This creates an obvious issue – a huge gap between players who use different controller devices. PC players may completely ignore the stat that's responsible for weapon stability, which on consoles is just impossible.

Honestly, we've no idea how the devs could let this be for three years in a row, but at least they're addressing it now. So now, to not make Destiny 2 Crucible easier for PC players, the devs are increasing Recoil on most weapon types for mouse+keyboard users specifically and reducing Recoil on some particular guns for all types of players. Thanks to the players’ feedback, the devs have learned that SMGs are outmatched by ARs at middle distances and by hand cannons at close distances. It is said that it's very hard to control SMGs in general. This must be why we don't see this type of gun in the Destiny 2 meta. But this may very well change from this point onward. Apart from the Recoil changes, according to some statistical data and community feedback, there'll be other weapon-related changes, but for that to show we’ll have to just wait and see.


A Spoon of Tar in This Destiny 2 Update

So, besides the brand-new, reworked Destiny 2 bounties, various buffs and nerfs in the weapons stats department, what else is there? The Valentine event is not that far away, judging by the calendar. Sadly, this is a bit of bad news. There will be no Destiny 2 Crimson Days event from now on. The devs admit that this was one of the first events ever that started out in D1, but they have to discontinue this tradition for two reasons. One – they say this particular event lacked in quality, and two – they want to focus on other kinds of content. This means that we won't see the beautiful Tower decorations that go up each year in February, and, as for the event-themed playlist, that gets shoved deep into the Content Vault.

And that pretty much sums it up. It was a big TWAB in terms of news and information. Like we said earlier, more concrete data on the content itself will come later, probably on the same day when the trailer hits social media. That's when we'll find out what exotics Bungie has prepared for us and what other good stuff is on the way.

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This concludes our little insight into the latest devs’ message to the community. We hope you enjoyed it, and as always – as soon as there's more info, this is the place where we'll share it with you. So stick around, and we'll see you soon!

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