Cold War Season One Detailed


Treyarch has started the very 1st season of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. It launches with a pack of fresh updates such as new zombies modes and guns for you to enjoy when you play with pros! We’ll cover those and tell you all the latest Cold War news and other important details you shouldn’t sleep on.

Prepare for S1 in Black Ops Cold War with Us

The opening season of Cold War has arrived just ahead of the holidays, and it has us here at Legionfarm super excited! This update finally brings full cross-game progression between CoD Black Ops Cold War and other CoD parts. This means that, whether you prefer older titles or the new Call of Duty Black Ops, your progress in Challenges and Prestige Levels is fully integrated, meaning there’s no need to grind away in both games.

More than thirty Call of Duty Cold War weapons are also on their way into the other CoD titles. Basically, anything you’ve got in Cold War Black Ops can now be found in MW and WZ, barring some zombies personalization items. Treyarch hasn’t stated why this is the case, but they say the items will be arriving later.

Naturally, it isn’t just limited to gear. There are three new operators on their way to Black Ops Cold War. Stitch is a badass former KGB operative, now part of the Warsaw Pact. He’s immediately available for any Season Pass buyers. Bulldozer, as a US Marine CQB expert, and Zeyna, a heavy weapons specialist, can be bought during S1; they both belong to the NATO faction.


New Call of Duty Game Modes

There is a slew of maps and modes to enjoy with our pros in our CoD LFG and even LFG Zombies service! Cold War CoD will finally gain the 2v2 Gunfight mode from CoD MW. You will get a random loadout each round and play carefully with your teammate to take out the enemy duo. This is a great mode to queue up with a pro player, as coordination is a must!

Prop Hunt, a classic game mode with its origins in the old PC game Garry’s Mod, is making its way back to Black Ops Cold War. It is a hilarious game where one team hides as random objects scattered around the map while the opponent is supposed to blow their cover and hunt them down. Map knowledge is vital for success on both sides, as you need to be able to spot the differences to identify props as a hunter or know the best places on the map to hide as a prop. For that reason, you can’t go wrong with a Legionfarm pro here, either!

Dropkick 6v6 is a tactical team-based mode that looks like it will be great for skilled teams with good communication and coordination. It involves securing and capturing a nuclear briefcase before your opponents. As these serious modes tend to be less popular, there might be some wait times on this one in matchmaking, but this has amazing esports and competitive potential. This is the Cold War game mode you want to master if you want to up your game. Maybe try out our coaching services, if you’re interested.

Lastly, we have new Zombies modes on the way. Jingle Hells comes along for Christmas, with some spooky undead reindeer, and new seasonal powerups. Cranked should keep tensions high, as you will literally explode if you stop killing zombies. The name is likely inspired by the Crank series of films, but given a zombie twist.


New Call of Duty Cold War Weapons

A ton of brand-new guns are on the way, and they can all be obtained through normal play! It really feels like Treyarch is spoiling us with new content! It’s easy to forgive two of the new operators being locked behind store purchases with all of the options we have available (as long as the store-bought ops aren’t too OP ofc). Let’s get into all the deets:

The MAC 10 - An iconic SMG, featured in some of the best action movies of the eighties and nineties. You’ll have seen it in the hands of incompetent henchmen and drive-by shooters. It’s yours at the beginning of the season.

The Groza - A classic Russian-made bullpup-style assault rifle. Not made until the nineties, we’re not sure why it’s here, but we’re not going to question a free, quality weapon like this.

The Streetsweeper - A legendary assault and riot control shotgun. Point it at what you want to destroy or suppress and squeeze the trigger to solve all your most pressing issues.

The Sledgehammer - For when you need to do some demolitions the old-fashioned way, or shatter a ribcage in one swing.

The Wakizashi - For the mall ninjas among us, Treyarch has added the samurai’s backup weapon. It’s perfect for finishing off fallen foes or, in those particularly bad matches, committing seppuku.


Play with Pros in CoD Black Ops Cold War

A lot of hardcore FPS veterans will surely be coming back to the game to check out what it’s prepared for them this time. With these guys back in the queue, you can expect the challenge level to only increase. It’s the perfect time to play with some Legionfarm PROs! They’ll help you with any map or game mode you want, and carry you to the top through even the stiffest competition. Just head over to today to sign up and get playing with the best!

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