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Сall of Duty Black Ops Cold War with hot guns

The Beta is out, which means it's time to take a first look at the guns and discuss what potential they have in the long run when the game kicks off. Also, note that the Beta doesn't have all the guns or attachments for obvious reasons, so you naturally won't be able to unlock it all. It's useful to have a look at the advanced weapon stats page – an incredibly detailed list of your gun's additional characteristics with precise numbers and very specific units. It also gives you info on percentage changes when you put on various mods and shows little green or red text to let you know if you're doing good or bad. It is very detailed, and it actually begs for its own article with an in-depth analysis of all the stats like the Firepower, Speed, and Accuracy. Don't worry, even if you think to yourself, "Well, those three are very easy to explain," keep in mind that it gets very complicated, especially when you look at the Recoil section. We'll consider making such an analysis article, but you really need to show us that you’re interested in reading something like that. Anyway, that's pretty much all there's to say in the introduction. Oh, by the way, as usual, there are and will be more Call of Duty lfg offers if you want to play this game with us and get some stuff unlocked. Maybe you're interested in coaching or just really eager to get some specific camo for the Call of Duty Black Ops. If it is true, feel free to place your order. And while you do that, we’re off to overview the Beta.


Call of Duty and it’s most interesting conflict yet

Traditionally we're going to start by looking at the most mediocre class of Call of Duty Weapons - ARs. But before we talk about them, one last distraction – if there's a meta for BETA, that doesn't mean it will be the same on release, so whatever you hear about the best loadout for all times, take that with a grain of salt.

So first, we got XM4, which is just your Cold-War-era M4, with some straps wrapped around the barrel to make it look more tactical. The next one, you have your AK-47. It makes a lot of sense having these two together since they are both such iconic firearms. It's always about the war between M4 on the one side and AK-47 on the other. What's their difference? They both give you 3 additional mags of 30 Ammo capacity. The signature traits are that M4 has less firepower, but it just spits out bullets faster, whereas AK does way more damage but has a slower fire rate. Of course, that is dictated by their calibers: we know that M4 uses the 5.56 NATO-developed, and the Russian rifle is fed with a bigger 7.62 caliber casings. Thus the difference in firepower. If there’s anything new Call of Duty does right, it’s making these two guns feel how they would in real life. From this point onward, the guns become more attractive, since there was no actual confrontation between the two sides in real life, the following CoD Cold War weapons are just speculation on the topic of "what they would use if it came to a real confrontation."


Change the history in Call of Duty Cold War

Krig 6 is the next AR on the list, and it does kind of look like the symbiosis of the last two guns we talked about. It's actually based on the Swedish AK-5 that was used in Kosovo and Afghan wars. It's only fitting to see it present in this game. Next, we have the QBZ-83, which is obviously based on a Chinese AR of the same name but with a different number at the end.

There are almost no surprises when you look at what's available in the SMG department. We have our beloved MP5, Milano 821, just UZI, the AK-74u, a shortened version of a standard-size 74, and the KSP 45 that looks like an older version of UMP with some Tommy Gun features thrown into its design. As usual, if you struggle to unlock these, feel free to get yourself a CoD Cold War carry, and we'll help you out with whatever you need.

Instead of Marksman, we have Tactical Rifles now, and there are only two specimens so far. One is the Type 63, which is only slightly modified in SKS and M16 – the type of burst fire rifle you could have seen in games about the Vietnam War.

For LMGs, we have Stoner 63, also known as M63, XM22, XM23, XM207, etc. And then we have an RPD which doesn't need any introductions. For sniper rifles, we have Pelington 703, which is just a slightly renamed Remington M24. The other SR is somewhat curious, and it's called LW3 - Tundra. Now that's a name you don't see every day!


CoD Black Ops Cold War is very promising

Let's finally get to the Secondary Weapons slot and wrap things up. We have the immortal 1911, Diamatti, and Magnum (but not the mustache). Hauer 77 and Gallo SA12 (spoilers: it's a SPAS) for shotguns. You can pretty much guess yourself what launchers are in the game – it's the RPG-7 and not Stinger, but Cigma 2. Finally, for melee, we just have a knife so far. That's not much to go around, although some pretty impressive weapons are indeed worth checking out. Usually, here at legionfarm, we go nuts about each of them, but this is still so early in development that we know a lot of stuff will change, and it will keep changing after the release. This Beta is really just a safe place to get a feel for the game and see if it's worth spending time on. Just remember that all games become that much more engaging when you're playing with a professional. That being said, maybe you should consider getting our CoD Cold War coaching now or in the future. Just pick that Play with Pro service at, and you'll be good to go.

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