Call of Duty Warzone Highlights from TOP-5 LegionFarm PROs

Author: Andrey Goloshubov a.k.a. Dallon Avery / PRO Players: Legendary117S, forpantheon, N8ify, Razm, Suedzz

Welcome to the first-of-a-kind article dedicated to the best in-game moments shared by our pro players. In this blog entry we’ll showcase their best career moments and give you guys a little sneak peek of how awesome it is to play with real professional Warzone players.

All of our pros, not just the ones featured in this article, have an immense experience of playing Warzone. They possess deep knowledge of the game and its mechanics, know the map inside out, and approach every tactical situation not the same way a regular gamer does. It is our greatest pleasure to present to you Warzone highlights from the best of our pros. So, grab some popcorn or other snacks, get comfy and enjoy the show!

Table of Contents:

  1. Legendary117S
  2. Forpantheon
  3. N8ify
  4. Razm
  5. Suedzz
  6. How About You Play with These Guys?

#1 - Legendary117S

Sahar Cohen is our Warzone pro from Israel. This guy is a world-class superstar in Call of Duty’s battle royale. If you look at the game’s leaderboards at any point, you’ll always see his nickname on the first page.

  1. 2,112 wins
  2. 130,217 kills (an absolute record!)
  3. 6.03 K/D ratio
  4. 20.7% winrate
  5. 10, 215 matches played

But that’s not even the best of it! He is the owner of the Top Fragger award which he received during the Titch Rivals Warzone Tournament where he also placed first! Legendary117S have kept his #1 spot for over a year and still remains an undisputed champion in the game with an absolutely crazy kill count!

A pair of pistols, a sniper rifle, or an assault rifle - everything becomes a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of Legendary117S. Just start watching his highlights and see for yourself! He’s easily our best Warzone sniper!

#2 – Forpantheon

Tahsin Celik is our Warzone pro from Turkey. This guy has earned his place among Top 0.1% of players in Warzone’s leaderboards. His greatest achievements are:

  1. Winner of CoDTW Tournament
  2. World’s Top-2 on kills with 123,467 kills and counting!
  3. Grand Finalist of BoomTV Warzone Tournament
  4. Second Place on Twitch Rivals Trios Kill Race
  5. Third Place on 2v2 Wagers

An incredible 20.2% win rate and astonishing 6.75 K/D that he earned through around 9,355 matches over 110 days of playtime prove his superiority on the streets of Verdansk! And now let’s turn to his highlights!The incredibly difficult quick-scope in mid-air after jumping down on the heads of his enemies like a deadly assassin – this is how forpantheon initiates his fights! Check his best in-game moves in this video.

#3 - N8ify

Born in the U.S. of A., Nate, aka N8ify, is just god tier! He’s one of few people on earth who made it to Top 0.1% of players in the game. Despite reaching such heights, Nate doesn’t want to stop improving his skills. So far, his achievements are:

  • 743 wins
  • 82,346 kills
  • 3.21 K/D ratio
  • 7.2% win rate
  • 11,763 matches played

In his highlight video, he destroys his enemies using sniper rifles, SMGs, more precisely the MP5, and some badass assault rifles. But notice one most important factor - he is using the DualShock 4 controller! This is insane, but Nate pulls this off as if it’s the easiest thing in the world.

#4 – Razm

Razm is a 22-year old prodigy from Egypt whose career started all the way back in CS 1.6 and IGI (anyone remembers that gem, huh?). When PUBG got released, Razm showed everyone what he was made of by obtaining a 5.0 K/D ratio and making it to the TOP-100 within the European region. But when Warzone came out, Razm bit his own record by becoming one of the TOP-50 best Warzone players in the world!

Razm’s sheer experience in all of the modern competitive FPS games gives him an upper hand in Warzone. Just check out his most notable achievements, it’s crazy!

  1. 4 times Rainbow Six Siege Diamond rank & 1 time EU Champion rank
  2. 3x winner of Go4R6 EU Cup Series
  3. 2nd place in the CoD Warzone’s Middle Eastern Tournament
  4. Global Elite rank in Counter Strike Global Offensive

But his Warzone stats are even more impressive:

  • 75,471 kills and counting which makes Razm a Top 0.1% player
  • 5.54 K/D ratio which is even better than his PUBGs K/D
  • 26.1% win rate

His lightning-fast aim and reaction time paired with incredible recoil control makes Razm a Pro you don’t want to end up playing against! His combination of AMAX and MP5 build allows him to win any firefight and his throwing knives help him finish the job by disposing of the downed enemies in a heartbeat. Check out his highlights here.

#5 – Suedzz

Tomas Teixeira da Silva is a 19-year-old pro and Warzone coach from Portugal. The surge of adrenaline that Tomas gets when he plays competitively is the reason he’s so good at what he does. Just look at that track record!

  • three-times champion of GameFace
  • First and Second places in the Gamers Arena tourney
  • First place in Dark Tournaments Duos
  • Third place in GZT Tournaments
  • Fourth place in EZ Battles Quads Kill Race
  • Sixth and Seventh place in Mainland Gaming

His Warzone stats are impeccable:

  • 1,778 wins
  • 86,218 kills
  • 6.24 K/D ratio
  • 40% win rate

In this highlight reel you can see Suedzz go all out with all kinds of sniper rifles and even some less popular guns like the paired X16s. But the craziest moments to watch out for is when he crashes his helicopter into a car full of enemies and finishes them off one by one. Or a moment where he switches to the passenger seat in a moving SUV and shoots an enemy to death with an SR like one of the top Warzone players he is.

How About You Play with These Guys?

Did you like the highlight clips? Those were some insane plays there. But we left the best part for last. You can play with any of these guys we featured today and learn how to pull off some crazy moves yourself! All you need to do is visit us at and order a session. Our pros will share their experience with you and give you lots of tips on how to play Warzone. We got superstars like Legendary117S, forpantheon, N8ify, Razm, Suedzz as well as Leijone, Onetwenty, X Whisper O, Baltheon, and others! So, hurry up and team up with them to boost up your skills in Warzone to the max!

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