Call of Duty 2021 Leaked: What Will This Year Bring to the Table?


We have no idea about what will happen this year in the series, but we are already excited about the upcoming changes. Today, we’ll share a bunch of leaks and speculations with you, our fellow players, and tell you a bit more about the best ways to prepare for what’s on the way. Let’s roll!

Call of Duty Leaks: 2021 Is a Promising Year

The season of fresh Call of Duty leaks has officially started! Data miners have been working hard recently, and as a result, the community received a huge pile of leaks about the future of the Call of Duty games. Spoiler alert: a lot of stuff is on its way to the game, and we are super excited about that!

So, what will the new CoD game look like? Is there any news on the future content? These questions never cease to end; however, today, we’ll attempt to answer at least some of them. Find all the latest updates, leaks, and news down below!


The Call of Duty Cold War Successor: What Will It Be?

It seems like soon it will be hard to get rid of daily Call of Duty news updates since a lot of stuff is about to be announced or has just been officially confirmed. Let’s take a look at the most recent Call of Duty 2021 leaks and speculations that have created tension in the community:

New settings, new tone, new everything?

The Call of Duty saga continues. As much as the devs love to exaggerate, there have been a couple of rumors claiming that the game is likely to take a different turn this year. Some data miners believe that the next game will take place during the Korean War or World War 2, but it’s yet to be confirmed. There were some rumors regarding the next game’s name, which would be something like “Call of Duty WW2: Vanguard,” but it also hasn’t been backed up by any official info yet.

The developers’ rotation is still going on

As you probably know, there are a few studios that work on developing the series. Sledgehammer Games is one of them. These guys had a hand in creating at least five titles for the series, and it seems like it’s their turn to craft something new again. We are really looking forward to this cooperation since SG is well-known for its interesting input into the game’s development. There is no official new CoD release date, but our money’s on August (around the same time the previous part of the series came out).

Gameplay is almost 100% guaranteed to change

It seems like the game is about to go deeper and change its mechanics. Data miners and leakers state that the game might become more serious and historically accurate, but we’ll have to see about that. There is a chance that there will be more Operators and better weapon selection, but it hasn’t been confirmed as well.

Anything else?

According to one Call of Duty 2021 leak, the next title’s release will occur in August and the game will be associated with Warzone and the battle royale system. It’s also likely that the devs will decide to play around again and leave some clues in previous titles for us to follow and try to solve the puzzles.

It’s still a bit early to say what’s actually going to happen in the game. Perhaps, we will get to enjoy a completely different gaming experience, or maybe, CoD series will simply get another title that doesn't differ much. Either way, we’ll have to wait and see what’s next. In case you don’t want to sit around and do nothing, we’ve got a perfect solution for you, and you can find more details about it down below.


The New Call of Duty Game Might Be Even More Challenging

Of course, we all should take these leaks with a grain of salt. And even though all of the listed leaks aren’t even close to being confirmed soon, it’s still better to get ready for everything that might await us in the future, including various updates and new games. So what should you do in this case?

With our Call of Duty LFG and coaching service, it won’t be a problem for you to get ready for the next update. All that it takes is just a couple of Play with Pro sessions, during which all important topics and strategies will be covered. As a result, you will be fully prepped for any challenge that might fall on our heads this year. From improving your rank to unlocking the rarest weapons, our pros here at will share all the biggest secrets of the game with you.

Congrats, you’ve made it to the end! We hope you enjoyed your read. For more guides, leaks, and tips, make sure you stick around and come by our blog whenever you have a minute. See you in our next article!

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