Bungie is moving house: Steam transfer and new DLC details revealed


Friendship ended with Battle.Net, now Steam is Bungie’s best friend.

As the devs have promised, the transfer officially launched on August 20, and it’s already possible for users to link their accounts. To move your characters and purchases, including all the DLCs and silver, you simply need to log into both of your accounts on a special page on Bungie’s website, and the rest will be done automatically.

After the 1st of October, when New Light is released, users will be free to keep on playing via Valve service. This very day, Destiny 2 will no longer be accessible via Battle.Net. October 1 is a big day as the shooter’s DLC – Shadowkeep – kicks off as well. It’s already available for pre-order on Steam, so if you still haven’t done it, now it’s about time. To heighten your interest, we’re about to share some juicy details of D2’s new content drop.


Evolving world and Battle Pass: Shadowkeep’s details revealed

A while ago, Bungie has added a new post to their blog. Luke Smith, D2’s game-director, elaborated a lot on the shooter’s meaty update, sharing a whole bunch of details. In particular, he brought up a content purchase system, but of course, other issues were touched upon as well. Here are the highlights:

  • Annual Pass is replaced by Season Pass. The main difference is the access to a particular piece of content. Annual Pass doesn’t allow that as it includes the whole year of seasons without any other options. Now for just ten bucks (the sum named by Smith) you can get access to a single season, or as usual, purchase the Annual Pass.
  • Destiny 2’s Year 3 includes four seasons instead of three like it was last time.
  • According to the authors, the players’ actions will significantly affect the game’s world. It will change, more likely the same as it happened after Forsaken’s Last Wish. In Shadowkeep, a Vex portal is gonna emerge on the Moon, but at the end of the season, it will close, paving the way for another crucial event, which will keep developing the D2’s world.
  • Destiny 2’s equivalent of a “battle pass” will be introduced. Well, it’s not exactly a classical battle pass as we know it, ‘cause you don’t need to pay for it. All users will be granted access to a standard set of ranks with regular rewards. Though, if you buy Season Pass, you will have premium ranks and extra loot at your disposal. In such a way, both freeloaders and paying users get their batch of bonuses. It’s a win-win, ladies and gents!
  • According to Smith, the ranking system was implemented as an additional source of loot for those who, for instance, don’t have time for raiding. Players just stick to some ordinary business, like running guests, completing bounties, playing Strikes or PvP-matches, and by doing so raise their rank.
  • There will be a hundred ranks in each season.
  • Season of the Undying is included in Shadowkeep Season Pass, so if you’ve purchased the DLC, you will automatically access the Eighth Season.
  • As it has already been announced, the artifact system will come back. So far, only Eye of the Gatelord has been shown. It will be available to all players, helping them in raising Power. The more powered-up the artifact is, the bigger the bonus is gonna be. This bonus lasts during the season (woohoo! no power limits for artifacts) and applies to the whole account. Each season will bring its own artifact so that the players could feel the novelty.
  • Each season will have exclusive armor mods, which are also going away with the season’s end.
  • Season Pass holders will have a chance to experience special seasonal activities: in the Undying it’s gonna be Vex Offensive. It will drop four legendary weapons plus you’ll be able to handle daily and weekly missions. As you’ve probably figured, this particular gold mine will be shut down when the new season arrives but don’t worry, you will still be able to grind for some meta-defining weapons.
  • Leviathan’s Breath exotic bow quest is available to all Season Pass holders.
  • A new exotic HC will also appear in D2. It’s called Eriana’s Vow, and you might have seen it in the trailer. It’s yours as soon as you reach free rank thirty-five (35) or premium rank one (1).
  • A full set of Seasonal armor can be collected by reaching the first twenty-five free ranks.
  • Other premium rewards include emotes, ornaments, shaders, etc.
  • For those who are too busy to rank up the whole hundred every time, there is a payable option. Just like in other games, you can buy ranks but only when the season is coming to its end. The exact time is not yet decided but we will keep you posted.
  • All players (no matter if you are a New Light player or a full-fledged Shadowkeep owner) will be able to try their luck on the Moon, in the new DLC’s first mission, 2 new Strikes, PvP updates, artifacts, and free ranks.
  • As it’s been confirmed earlier, two D1’s maps are gonna come back. They are Widow’s Court и Twilight Gap.

For now, that’s pretty much it, Guardian. We will keep you posted if we find out anything new, and now, while we all are waiting for October, peep into legionfarm.com – some good stuff is waiting for you there.

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