Bring your A-game in the new season of Apex Legends!


Apex Legends is breathing anew

A day ago, we booted up the game, and everything was different. There's a new cinematic, totally distinct main menu. All of those buttons on the sides of the screen suggest that new content is here, and it's bigger than ever. Hell, you know how you learn how to play Apex Legends by going through the tutorial and then having some fun in the firing range? The devs even added a new, time-limited mode where you can learn the new Olympus map. This is a totally fresh approach to Apex Legends gameplay. You wouldn't believe it; in that mode, you jump off with your squad, land somewhere, and then just explore the map at your own free will. Players in the match can't deal any damage to each other, so you're just there running around, exploring with everyone else. Makes you think right away – it's a special time for the game.

Let's go over all the latest additions starting with the map since we've already jumped to the subject. The city in the clouds. A prestigious, flourishing little piece of land hovering in the ever-blue skies. A utopia, no less. Some eggheads got something wrong in the calculations, and half of the research complex went boom, creating a bubble of Phase energy. How did the officials react to that? They made everyone just abandon the city. Imagine the Apex Legends News – "After an accident in the labs, we decided that instead of containing the damage, isolating the zone and making it safe for everyone, it would be better if we all just left." You'd think it's a bad idea. Still, judging by how rich Olympus's city appears, one would imagine its inhabitants just got into their super-expensive vehicles and relocated to some Olympus version 2. No biggie.


Major points of Apex Legends Patch Notes

When the Apex games contestants arrived, they found themselves in an empty city full of new vistas to explore. There's a massive anomaly on the Eastern side, the highway running through the town, a few ports, and many other exciting places. Its combination of breathing green and concrete white colors makes it stand out among other maps.

And what season comes without introducing a new character to the scene? This time we got a female scientist with a very believable and relatable backstory. Not going too much into detail on that topic, we can say that she is a loving mother with a cheerful and witty mindset. Looks like all she wants is to get back to her son. And even though her mission may seem impossible to us, she would never stop trying. It is clearly a completely original character template. We've had funny and dumb, lone and vengeful, reckless, military, protector characters, but we've never had a mother trying to get to her child. Dr. Mary "Horizon" Somers is a gravitational scientist, and her toolkit is centered around manipulating the force of gravity. By looking at the early season's Apex stats, we could summarize that she is a little OP right now. But this could be due to most players still learning how to counter her. She is definitely one of the most unique characters since the Apex Legends release date, February 4, 2019.


What's great about the Apex Legends New Map?

We didn't start with the new map for no reason. It's not like we get a new battleground every season, so you could say it's the main selling point this fall. We get an Apex new legend every time, but this is different. It's not just the never-seen-before landscape. The Olympus features brand-new vehicles that can be mounted by up to 3 players. As you'll soon find out, these vehicles are very smartly implemented. They aren't like anything you've seen in other BR games. The 3-person Trident is only available for team usage, so unlike other games, enemies cannot enter the vehicle if you're driving it.

There are a few other restrictions on this vehicle. You can't run over enemies with it. It has a boost option, but the cooldown takes a whole minute, and there are only 10 Tridents on the map. If you see an enemy team driving one, you can shoot at it, but you won't deal damage to the vehicle itself. Instead, the damage you deal will be distributed evenly between all players on board. The only way to get rid of a Trident is to drive it off the map ledge, which in Olympus's case isn't very hard to do. Now we can all start to wonder how these cute little cars will affect the Apex Legends tier list. Speaking of tiers, here's a little tip. If you have a lot of Apex Legends coins, you should spend them on battle pass levels. Many fans complain about the fact that it is much more challenging to unlock tiers than ever before. Well, we’ll see.


Another grindy Apex Legends Battle pass

As for the rewards of the battle pass, you can expect some pretty neat skins that go hand in hand with the new map's style. Two very cool-looking weapon skins are at the last tiers of the pass, and a bunch of cosmetics smeared evenly through 100 tiers. Stuff like kill quips, frames, charms, holos, skydive emotes, loading screens, and other cute little things will be available to you through completing the Apex challenges. The devs already promised to fix the exp gain with the next minor Apex Legends update, so fingers crossed. There are, of course, as usual, a tone of Apex Legends tips on how to optimize the farming exp, so if that's something you're into and you want to get that loot as fast as possible, we're offering awesome professional services. Be sure to check them out on our website. Moving on to some QoL changes, there are improvements to attachments swapping – if something that gets replaced fits on your other weapon, it's going to get automatically installed there instead of dropping on the ground. You see, these are the kind of improvements you'd think the devs are wasting their time on. But whenever you're in an actual fight, their impact on your gameplay is enormous. It's very nice to see that season 7 is continuing the tradition of adding things like that. Now there's a more visible difference between various airdrops, which is also nice. There's a ton of Legend rebalancing in the patch notes, which we won't talk about here. Although, you do need to be aware of those next time you go using the Apex LFG. The right combination of heroes is half the win, as you may know. To see how well your favorite characters are performing, you can use the external Apex Legends tracker. It's always good to know who's better this time around.


A lush, lively, breathtaking Apex season

Finally, let's not forget about the Apex Legends rating and Apex Legends ranked rewards. The ladder has been refreshed, people are recalibrating to see how high they're going to be placed this time. You, too, should see how many Apex Legends ranks you can climb. The best fights always happen between skillful players. And speaking of, we specialize in Coaching for this game with our Apex Legends play with pro service. Play with Pro is an excellent tool for learning the game and improving your personal skill. No gaming gear will make you play better. It's just your knowledge of the game's mechanics. We will make you better regardless of what platform you're playing on. We have pro players all around the world waiting for your order.

This is a thrilling period for the game and its fans, and we strongly advise you to make the most of it. We've prepared several services that will turn your gaming experience into something unforgettable to help you with that. And with that said, we wish you an easy top-1 and remember – a single spark of courage can ignite the fires of hope.

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