Best Cold War Loadouts for All Weapon Classes


What is the best current meta? What sniper rifles or SMGs are now the most sufficient? How can I create a powerful loadout that would actually work out for me? All the best tips on the right loadouts are available right here, so go check out our guide now to know what kind of perks you need to get!

What Are the Most Powerful Loadouts in Call of Duty?

Creating a good loadout is a number one task for everyone who wants to perform well in the Call of Duty Cold War. It is not only about enhancing your weapon’s stats or increasing the damage; it is also about ensuring you make the most out of the given opportunities. This is why CoD Call of Duty Cold War and other parts of the series are not easy to play. In order to succeed, you have to take into account many factors that will lead you up to the win.

Today, we will make this path easier for you. Right here, we have prepared eight loadouts for different weapon classes that you might enjoy playing with. Use our guide to hold top places in Season 1 and get as many wins as possible. Enjoy our tips on CoD Cold War down below!


Call of Duty Cold War: Best Loadouts for Rifles

Most of the rifles in the new Call of Duty chapter are what we are already used to. However, there are a couple of fresh titles and a few new attachments that might come in handy in your future encounters. Let’s see what we can get our hands on in Cold War:


This rifle is one of the best guns in Call of Duty, so skipping it would be a bad idea. If you get yourself an AK-47, you might not even need a secondary weapon for this case. When geared up with a set of nice perks, it becomes a real beast that’s capable of causing a lot of damage quickly at any range. Not the best when it comes to accuracy, but it can be forgiven.



This assault rifle beats most rifles in the game. Even though it is not the best rifle in long-range, it remains one of the nicest guns thanks to its speed and firepower, so if you want to fire accurate shots, take this one into the battlefield.


Krig 6

If you are looking for a more versatile rifle, Krig 6 is the right one for you. It’s great for all ranges and serves as a well-balanced weapon for most maps. It can be paired with most weapons, so you can use it in any mode and enjoy the leadership on the scoreboard.



This rifle’s popularity skyrocketed in Warzone, and it remains one of the most popular weapons in the whole series. With its three-shot bursts and excellent damage output, you can take down anyone. Its recoil control won’t work out for everyone, but this will not be a problem if you stock up on a few perks that can fix this problem.


These were the best CoD loadouts for rifles, however, many other guns still haven’t been discussed. Let’s talk about loadouts for other weapon categories in the next section.


Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Loadouts for Various Weapon Categories

The Call of Duty tier list keeps expanding, so it’s important to make sure you keep up with the newest additions. Here are the best Cold War guns and loadouts you can choose for those:


If you are looking for the right gun for close quarters, you have already found one. MP5 is extremely powerful for close ranges, and its stats make it one of the best choices in the SMG category.


Pelington 703

If you don’t like to take things slowly but enjoy playing with sniper rifles, this one should be your top choice. It fires fast, offers low recoil, and is incredibly great when it comes to quick scoping.

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Gallo SA12

Playing with a shotgun can be quite a challenge, but it’s always worth it when you learn how to take down enemies with just one shot. Although it is a close-range weapon, its capabilities make this shotgun suitable for longer ranges than you imagine. Even though its reload speed takes a while, it is still a great weapon.


Milano 821

This is another SMG, and as we as MP5, it excels at close quarters because of its firepower and speed. It made its first appearance in one of the campaign missions, and since that time, it became one of the favs not only in the Cold War but in the series in general.


There are so many guns in this game that there will be something for everyone they will be satisfied with. If you are looking for Call of Duty best weapons, you should define the kind of playstyle you have. This will be an effortless thing for you to do if you get assistance from a pro Call of Duty player. Read on for more information about coaching services as well as how they can help you out with assembling loadouts for the best CoD Cold War guns.


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How are you enjoying Season 1 so far? Have you already picked any loadouts? Tell us about your progress in the comments section. We got even more guides coming your way, so make sure to check them out next week!

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