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Welcome to the first-ever blog dedicated to the Apex Legends. This is the first of the series dedicated to this game where we will give you an insight on everything related to it from characters and guns to mechanics and seasonal content and events. Without further ado let us start by introducing to you the current roster of recently started season 4 called Assimilation. Remember there are no best characters in Apex Legends, only those that you like to play personally. However, it is important to have a diverse team of characters with different abilities that complement each other. Anyway, we are going to talk about the heroes of the apex games in no particular order and we’re going to start with our boy Apex Legends Crypto. Tae-Jun Park has a silent type of character and no wonder, he has been framed by the higher powers. Being a master at hacking, he is allegedly behind bringing that tower down at King’s Canyon. That’s why he looks so edgy. Anyway, that doesn’t tell you much about what he can do in the game, does it? He’s goal in the game is to scout and provide intel using his trusty drone which players can control. All you got to do is stand somewhere relatively safe, take out your drone and use it to fly high in the sky observing the surroundings. When you spot the enemy with a drone you can scan them and their position will be revealed to you and your teammates which is a huge help. Of course, you can’t fly too far away and the drone can be shot off the sky. Also, your drone can be left in the sky so you can reposition Crypto to another spot and while you’re running as him your drone will automatically scan nearby enemies highlighting them for you and your team. Do you know those banners hanging around the map showing off the kill leader? If you look at the banner with your drone the banner will tell you the number of enemies in the 20 meters’ radius if there are any. The last thing to know about this drone of yours is that it can use it’s EMP charge in a pretty significant radius to destroy all fortifications and deal damage to enemy shields. Crypto is always an invaluable member of any team. You just have to use him smart.


Characters in Apex Legends are representing your role in a squad

Next on the list our cheerful French in Apex legends Wattson. Natalie Paquette is the daughter of the inventor who created the walls for the Apex Games. She is a masterful engineer and her defensive abilities will help your friends to bunker up and survive the attack of many teams. And those fools who will try to rush the defenses will not enjoy it. Next on the line is Lifeline. Girl’s name is Ajay Che she’s only 24, she has a wonderfully optimistic character making her the best person to be saved by. Her drone called D.O.C is used to help her carry out her field medic duties. She can deploy it as a stationary unit so your teammates can hook themselves up to it by being close enough and start regenerating health. Another cool thing that makes her stand out from other Apex Legends characters is that when someone’s down and Ajay is picking them up the drone creates a shield that covers both players. Very convenient and save a lot of lives. But the best thing about miss Che is her ultimate. She calls a supply package that falls from the sky like some frontier titan. Those who are familiar with battle royal games know what that is. Only in other games, this thing appears at random, but not in Apex and not for friends of Lifeline. Anyway, the recent season has added a completely fresh character, the mysterious robot with a twisted self-conciseness. Being among Apex Legends new characters it could be too soon to tell whether he is a good strategical pick for one or the other team, but his ability-disabling skills are very much welcomed. If you wish to learn Apex Legends Revenant tips it would be best for you to pick up one of our services and play with a pro player.


New Characters Apex Legends – learn them, use them, annihilate with them

Anyways, Apex Legends season 4 is not all about the new character, there are some significant changes to the map. There are two main changes. First of all, the World’s Edge map has been changed up by the appearance of some kind of a planetary extractor that is sucking out the juices from the core of the planet and that has destroyed some of the known locations and changed others. If you’ve been playing throughout the previous season you will immediately see what’s changed, if not this won’t be a problem for you. Another pretty significant change is the return of the original map called King’s Canyon on a rotation basis. This map has launched with the game and now it’s back. The available map will be changing from time to time, keeping the gameplay fresh and players on their toes. Which brings us to the topic of Coaching in Apex Legends. As much as this is a fun game, hardcore players have already conquered the ranked mode. There is nothing less fun than being in a lobby with the guys that you can’t defeat. So if you are a new player or a returning player, it’s your best bet to use our Apex Legends carry to quickly get up to speed.


Apex Legends Play like a Pro and learn how to bamboozle

For those of you have a goal to become an elite predator that hunts any prey and always comes on top of the leaderboard, we’ve prepared a special service that will teach you how to play like a pro in Apex Legends. Your gameplay will transform significantly as you will learn the tips only known to the selected few. There’s still a bunch of characters we didn’t talk about here, some of them are simple, others require a certain level of skill and understanding of their mechanics. That is what you’ll be able to learn. Not only legends require learning, but the guns and mods are also the bread and butter of your wins in the game. Knowing what gun with what mods to use in a certain situation or a firefight is what separates a pro player from an average one. Knowing that you lost to an idiot with a crappy aim skill, just because you didn’t pick up the Precision Choke for your Peacekeeper and therefore you couldn’t hit even with your perfect aim is a lesson to remember. Don’t be like that and let us show you what attachments do what, so the next time you’ll see something like an Anvil Receiver lying on the ground you’ll ping it to your buddies because you don’t have R301 or a Flatline. But that’s not all. A good player knows to use the direction of the flight at the start to pick the best landing location that is both relatively safe and full of decent loot for the start of the match. That’s right, map knowledge is useful for things like this as well as for helping you chase down enemies, escape, follow the circle and taking defense at a tactically advantageous position. Find out all about that and more on

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