Apex Legends - What you should do before Season 4 ends!


Hello, champions, it’s Foksey here!

First things first, Season 4 of Apex Legends is extended until May 12, 2020. That leaves us with one week to get some important stuff done :)

Season 4 of the game has been a total blast for everyone! It brought a lot of interesting and much-needed changes from sniper rifle reworks, legend buffs and nerfs, and Revenant, a new legend that was considered to be quite weak, got fixed up. Overall, it’s been a great season! At least for me, because I managed to leave my Silver IV rank and grind all the way up to Gold 1, and now, I’m headed for Platinum! I don’t really think I would have managed if it wasn’t for the help of our PROs at Legionfarm that guided me on my climb with useful advice. They can help you out too, just visit our website to find out more!

As is the case with Apex Legends and typically all online games, once the season ends, ranks are reset a bit and the climb continues. However, with Season 5, the new Battle Pass will be introduced! So, what do you need to know and do heading into the new season?


You guys are already probably aware that your end-season rewards depend on the rank which you achieved. For instance, once I reach Platinum IV in the current season, I won’t be falling back to Gold no matter what. Though, you can still drop divisions (going from Gold I to Gold II, for example), so watch out! I know that climbing the ranks can be painful at times, but, if you really want to get in the game, try it out. Things will be much more entertaining once you come across some good teammates. I recommend you stay connected with them, play some games together, use voice chat for comms, and victory will be in sight! Things aren’t that rough at the end of the day :)

Oh, and here’s an image of the juicy rewards you’ll receive based on your rank at the end of the season:



Something you guys should definitely do, especially if you bought the Pass but haven’t completed it yet! There’s a lot of stuff you can add to your profile! So I recommend leveling up your Battle Pass asap, you’ll have to complete various quests though (you can find them on the right side of your Apex lobby screen). Keep in mind, some of them are quite challenging, for example, I’m in the process of completing the LMG 50 headshot quest, but I love it! Each quest will reward you with a lot of EXP or maybe even a whole Battle Pass level!

Passing these quests will require you to play different legends or pick up weapons that you may not like too much. But, on the bright side, you’ll become a more versatile player as a result! It’s totally worth it in my opinion. Who knows, you may just find your new main or comfy weapon combination(s). Try to go for level 110, if that’s too much to handle at your current level, aim for at least 100.

Now friends, boot up that Origin, log into Apex Legends and get some wins!

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Foksey out! Cya!

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