Apex Legends Tournaments Overview


Welcome to the most comprehensive guide about the competitive side of Apex Legends. Here you will learn about all major and minor tournaments for this game and how they work. On top of that, we’ll help you find the best tournament that you can join and possibly win!

Table of Contents

  1. The Biggest, The Coolest
  2. Introducing The One and Only Official Tournament in Apex Legends
  3. Community Tournaments
  4. A-Tier Events
  5. B-Tier Events
  6. C-Tier Events
  7. Show Matches
  8. Make Room For A Brand-New Legionfarm Tournament
  9. What Makes Legionfarm Tournaments So Special?

The Biggest, The Coolest

Apex Legends has a very competitive nature, which is why its Esports scene is thriving today. However, for an untempted mind, it is very hard to make sense of countless competitions and organizations that sponsor them. So today is the day to delve deeper into this topic and see how these tournaments are structured. Not only that but also, you will learn how can you join a real professional Apex Legends tournament organized by Legionfarm yourself and compete for real money and other prizes!

First of all, it would be necessary to split all tournaments into two categories:

  1. Those tournaments are sponsored by Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment itself. Let’s call them the official ones.
  2. Those tournaments are sponsored by other Esports organizations, which are not related to EA in any capacity. Let’s call these - community tournaments.

With this classification, it is way easier to tell which is which. And so, let us begin by introducing you to the largest esports event of this game - the Apex Legends Global Series championship, or ALGS for short.

Introducing The One and Only Official Tournament in Apex Legends

ALGS is called an event because, in essence, it isn’t just one tournament but rather a series. These events are scheduled throughout the entire year, so fans will never be left without a spectacle. For pro players, it means more chances to make it to the top.ALGS is structured in a way that allows all players to try and make a name for themselves. It all starts with online matches, free for everyone who wishes to make a name for themselves.

  • Challenger Circuit - gamers can create a team and sign up for one of these so-called “open competitions for future PROs.”
  • The Pro League series features 40 best ALGS from across the world that compete for a spot in the Playoffs live event.
  • The Playoff event will decide which teams will be able to compete for the champions title. But it also has a solid prize pool of 1,000,000$.
  • The Championship - is the biggest event of the year where the winners of the previous rounds compete for a whopping 2,000,000$ prize and a title of ALGS Champions.

Let’s wrap this bit up with some information regarding the Year 2 of ALGS. This time, the tournament will bring together console and PC players together, thanks to the cross-play compatibility. The overall prize pool for the entire thing will be 5,000,000$. There’s a Challenger Circuit Point System in place. Every competitor gets awarded with points based on their team’s performance, and placement during the qualifying rounds called the Preseason Qualifiers, also known as the Challenger Circuit. However, starting from the Pro League, the rewards are changed to something real - money. Thus, the team that gets 1st place in the Pro League will take away 30,000$. The Playoffs winners will get 250,000$. Finally, the ALGS Champions will bring 500,000$ with them.


Community Tournaments

Both EA and Respawn Entertainment being the official organizers for their tournament series known as ALGS, understand the need and passion for gamers and community members to join or organize their own tournaments. Therefore, EA fully supports the alternative Esports events for Apex Legends, as long as they follow the established Community Tournament Guidelines.

With that being said, there’re lots of Esports event organizers out there, and all of them see the potential profit of working with this game. So, how do you tell these numerous championships apart? It’s best to think of all of them in tiers.

  • S-tier - the tournaments from this tier has the largest prize pool, feature the best teams across the world. So, far ALGS is the only S-tier tournament.
  • A-tier - features a large prize pool and a good amount of top-tier teams.
  • B-tier - is regarded to smaller LAN events and large online tournaments with top teams.
  • C-tier - lowest-ranked events, which are always played online with almost no pro teams joining them.
  • Show matches - matches or tournaments that consist of mixed teams of pro players and influencers.

Now that we have our tier list in place let’s put some names on it.


  1. Blast Titans Arenas / Double Elimination
  2. GLL Masters
  3. PGL Showdown
  4. GLL Apex Legends Series (2019)
  5. FACEIT Pro Series (2019)
  6. Australian Apex Open (2019)
  7. Mars Apex Challenge (2019)


  1. Legionfarm Tournament (that’s us!)
  2. Box Fight Championship
  3. REP Prefectural Tournament
  4. INFINITY SIGHT Community Cup
  5. Mettlestate - All Stars
  6. Axis Games - Dream International Invitational
  7. Grayson Allen’s Apex Invitational


  1. RPG Autumn Cup
  3. A To Z - His and Hers Duo Tournament
  4. NODWIN Gaming
  5. Apex Esports - OGO Tournament
  6. AMD Adrenalin Tournament
  7. Syndicate and UNWANTED OCE Console League

Show Matches:

  1. Twitch Rivals
  2. HI-TECH Tournament
  3. FTCUP
  5. Crazy Raccoon Cup
  6. RAGE PARTY - Arena Challenge Cup
  7. Tsubura Custom

And now let’s talk about these events in more detail to see how they compare to the official one. We’ll be trying to follow these criteria, but keep in mind that based on the size of any given tournament and its budget, not everything will be mentioned.

  • Organizer
  • Type - Online / Offline
  • Region
  • Game Mode
  • Prize Pool

A-Tier Events

Let us start with the first A-Tier tournament organized by Blast - the global esports media network. Their primary service is to deliver studio-grade broadcasts, shows, and events on various digital platforms. However, for the Blast Titans, they’re also the organizers.There were 20 EU-based teams who have competed in the relatively recently introduced game mode Arenas with a prize pool of 20,000€.

GLL Masters and PGL Showdown

Both are NA-based tournaments that even have the same prize pools of 30,000$.

FACEIT Pro Series

This is a UK-based esports platform that hosts and organizes competitive leagues for many games. Their worldwide Pro Series of tournaments for Apex Legends features 16 teams in an online Kill Race format for a prize pool of 50,000$.


B-Tier Events

Most tournaments in B-Tier are regional ones. They’re made to promote local teams, so we won’t be mentioning them here.

Box Fight Championship - Apex Cup

We have famous hosts of the best Esports events for Fortnite, Valorant, Apex Legends, and Rocket League - the BFC also known as Box Fight Championship. The Apex Cup we mentioned earlier was hosted for 20 NA-based teams with a prize pool of 3,000$.

Mettlestate - All Stars

The African All-Stars tournament was hosted by Mettlestate. 80 teams are participating in this ongoing tournament which will conclude on October 6th. The prize pool of this amazing competition is around 6,900$ in local currency.

The Dream International Invitational

This online tournament with the epicenter in the South American region is organized by Axis Games. It features 20 teams that have competed for a prize pool of 2,000$.

Grayson Allen’s Apex Invitational

Organized by eFuse.gg is a worldwide online event that has an impressive for its category prize pool of 15,000$.


C-Tier Events

The majority of tournaments from this tier are very regional-specific with teams consisting of local talent only.

A To Z - His and Hers Duo Tournament

This one is organized by two companies - A1 Esports and Zero Remorse. ANZ-based teams will compete in Duos Mode for about 400$.

OGO Tournament

A Russian-based contest made by Apex Esports organization with a prize pool of about 700$.

AMD Adrenalin Tournament

The Indonesian tournament, presented by Metaco. This online event had 100 team participants in it and 700$ of prize money. It was split into qualifiers, semi-finals, and finals.

OCE Console League

The Australian tourney, organized by Syndicate and UNWANTED, is a Syndey-based tournament with a prize pool of 441$ in local currency.


Show Matches

These kinds of tournaments are made to provide more of an entertaining experience rather than a competitive one.

HI-TECH Tournament

It’s an online event presented by a German HI-TECH company. 4 teams are set to compete for 15,000€.

Twitch Rivals

A well-known kind of show-type Championship set in the North-American region. Thanks to its organizer, Twitch, this one has an incredible prize pool of 50,000$ attached to it.

RAGE PARTY 2021 - Arena Challenge Cup

Lastly, we’d like to mention one more Japanese show match-type tournament, for it is truly a massive one. It has a prize pool of around 9,000$, which is an insane amount for this kind of event. It has several organizers, among which are:

  • Avex Entertainment
  • TV Asahi Corporation

Make Room For A Brand-New Legionfarm Tournament


If reading about all of these tournaments sounded exciting to you, then we have some great news. Regular fans have very slim chances of enlisting into an esports team that has the ability to participate in the tournaments we listed above. The requirements of joining such a team are, although individual, consistently too high. But, we created a new brand of tournaments that everyone can join. Let us explain.

Legionfarm is putting together players and talented professional gamers. This synergy creates this amazing opportunity for everyone to experience the same game, but from a completely new perspective. See it, through the eyes of a competitive player. Therefore, if participating in a real tournament sounds like something you would like to do, you’ll like the next part.

With our brand-new premium subscription plan, everyone can sign up for a Senior membership which gives you a unique opportunity to take part in our own exclusive LFSL or the Legionfarm Senior League Tournaments.

What Makes Legionfarm Tournaments So Special?

There are many good tournaments, and every fan must be dreaming about participating in them. But these tournaments aren’t for everyone. That’s where LFSL makes its breakthrough!

  • How to join: the only requirement for joining Legionfarm’s tournaments is the subscription fee of 500$. Unlike for other tournaments where each individual player of a team must have a certain rank, have a very specific K/D ratio, and so on.
  • Coaching: once you’re a Senior subscriber you’ll be spending time training with your personal coach, a PRO player chosen for you. You’ll have your personal profile with your in-game stats and achievements, which you will be able to track as you continue to improve your skills.
  • Finding a team: you will have your own team that will consist of you and one or two PRO players, one of which is your personal coach. Even if you want to join the tournament solo, which you can, you’ll still have a PRO in your team in 100% cases.
  • Prize Pool: unlike for most tournaments, the monetary reward in the size of 5,000-20,000$ is not the only reward. There are also offline rewards, real trophies such as rings, and personalized keepsakes commemorating your achievements.
  • Offline events: - most even biggest tournaments for Apex Legends are held online. However, Legionfarm’s tournaments are big offline events with photoshoots and afterparties.

Everything is better in comparison, so here’s what makes Legionfarm Senior League Tournaments better compared to the world’s biggest tournaments in Apex Legends.


What conclusion can you draw from this? If you’re a real menace in Apex Legends, a talented player with dozens of thousands of hours of practice, 10 times the Apex Predator and you want to make money, then the Apex Legends Global Series or GLL Masters is for you. You’ll easily find a team for yourself and be able to compete among the equals.

However, if you’re a regular or a casual gamer with the desire to improve your skills, Legionfarm Senior League is the perfect option for you. You’ll get your own team, you’ll be taught everything you need to know to be able to compete for good money and other trophies.

Finally, now you know which tournament among Legionfarm Senior League, Apex Legends Global Series, GLL Masters, and PGL Pro Series you have bigger chances of joining and winning. Remember, the very first LFSL for Apex Legends is already around the corner, and it will have a prize pool of 6000$ with finals in Mexico City! You can join it right now! For more information about LFSL and Legionfarm services, follow tournament.legionfarm.com.

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