Apex Legends: Season 8’s First Impressions


There’s nothing more funny than watching gamers panicking at the sight of the new Legend having them in the crosshairs. In this article, we’re sharing with you what it's like to play the game during the first couple of weeks since the release of the new Season. Hop in and enjoy the read!

Apex Legends Proves That Blowing Stuff Up Is Always Fun

We've no idea how they are doing it, hitting the right spot with each new season of Apex Legends, but judging by our first impressions, Respawn has done it again! This, of course, might not be how you see Season 8, but generally speaking, the Apex Legends gameplay did, in fact, become deeper and more engaging. How? Nothing spices things up like a new Legend, and this time around, we've got a really spicy one! But let's at least try to maintain order and structure here and describe our impressions one by one.

If you read our preview article, then you already know that the main source of changes in the new season is the arrival of the new legend. His entrance was so—how shall we call it?—legendary that it blew up half of King's Canyon. You should definitely check out Fuse’s backstory trailer, and you'll quickly learn that he has this impulsive step sister slash girlfriend who doesn't like two things in life: when Fuse is around and when Fuse is not around. And her reaction to either is pretty violent. On the other hand, our guy Walter is your typical rebellious son of a gun with a heart of gold. He manages to keep his mood up even in the darkest of moments, like the one when he lost his hand. In any case, Mr. Fitzroy's explosive appearance in the world of Apex games brought us tons of changes. We already mentioned the map, but Fuzie also comes with his signature weapon, the lever-action, heavy ammo-using rifle. And now the entire Apex Legends tier list is going to feel his presence.


The Star of the Latest Apex Legends Update

Speaking of feelings, contrary to the last season's flourishing, green, and expensively golden aesthetics, Respawn wants you to think about explosions and devastation for the next couple of months. So, how does Fuse feel to play? If you want an honest answer to this question, it will suffice to watch any meme compilation with him on Youtube. That'll sum it up for you. The thing is, no matter what his toolkit will be like in the long run, he is currently the most powerful legend so far. The reason for that is simple – most people are still getting used to him. It's this unique period when a new hero is difficult to fight against because you don't really know the extent of their abilities. Even his animations might throw you off your balance. That said, give our pal Wally some time in the Apex Legends ranked to see how he's going to perform there.

For now, all the devs can do is watch his numbers of win/loss ratio go up and down like crazy while the rest of the community is doing its best to get used to having him around. One thing that's worth mentioning is if you try Fuse out and you realize that he fits your playstyle, if his toolkit just clicks with you, then there's something's wrong with your head! Just joking. Seriously though, if you find him easy to control, it'll give you an upper hand and a chance to significantly improve your Apex Legends stats. So use these first weeks to really give Apex new legend a go.


Surprising You With More Than Just New Apex Legends Characters

Moving on to the map. This is something nobody can use to their own advantage because everyone is equally confused about the map's new layout. It's coming down to whoever's going to adapt to the changes first. There isn't much else to it. As for the map itself, the Crash Site is quite an interesting place to explore. It definitely makes you think about all kinds of nasty ambushes you can pull off under the right circumstances. And it's an excellent characteristic for a map renewal.

Apex Legends Horizon brought us a whole new map to explore, with a new traversal mechanic that was pretty fun, although controversial in some cases. Of course, this time around, we're dealing with merely a redecoration of the old place, but it manages to feel fresh nonetheless with all the Explosive Holds and stuff. And it's great. You can see how much thought the developers have put into the new compounds. They tried to imagine all sorts of fighting scenarios and designed the new sites so they can facilitate different styles of fights and experiences. The devs always go for variety in gameplay, and it always feels great when it works. Now you put the Apex Legends new character and his rifle into this map, and, as a result, it generates all kinds of never-seen-before situations. That's why there are so many cool new frag compilation videos out there. Lastly, it's just great to see Kings Canyon Apex first map have a second wind.


The One And Only Place to Check Apex Legends News

So the general first impressions about the Apex Legends Season 8 are as follows: it feels fresh and fun. It's all that we expect from maps in general, and it's exactly what the developers have delivered. There's no denying the pro scene is going to reconfigure their meta and tier lists. Of course, we couldn't mention the new Battle Pass with the Rebellion and 80s-rock-fans skins and other rewards. As usual, it gives you a number of reasons to try something new every time you play. The challenges in the Battle Pass encourage you to seek out different loot, use different weapons. It really wants you to try everything at once. So with everything said above, we conclude – it's another excellent title update of the game that has never let us down throughout the course of 2 years that it existed.

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