A Complete Analysis of WoW Shadowlands’ Patch 9.0.5


Intrigues and investigations, mysteries and hidden messages – all of that sounds like a preview of some soap opera? Wrong! This is just us covering the very first patch for Shadowlands. With absolutely zero new content, there's a surprising amount of stuff that's worth talking about. So, join us as we break down everything this patch has delivered.

World of Warcraft and the In-Between Patch

The first-ever patch for Shadowlands WoW, the main goal of which was to improve game mechanics and loot, came out last week, so it's about time we've gone through the patch notes and saw what's what. There are some Covenants and legendary items balancing changes and lots of QoL improvements as well. Finally, we've got Valor points obtainable through Mythic Plus content, making a much-needed comeback!

While we're all waiting for the next massive update to Warcraft Shadowlands that will come in the form of patch 9.1, Blizzard couldn't leave us hanging, so they released a smaller, middle patch 9.0.5. However, it turned out to be quite a substantial one, targeting almost all major gameplay systems, including the Valor points changes and massive class balance changes. The best part is that this patch kind of came as a surprise. It was announced to be released in March, but based on this info, it could have come as soon as the 31st of March 11:59 and nobody really expected to see it in the first half of the month. It's also the first update in 3.5 months since the expansion's release.Although if you expected any new story quests or, god forbid, new zones, this isn't a patch for you. This is strictly the under-the-hood stuff. However, even though there's no new content that we as fans used to associate with every major patch, it would be wrong to say that this update isn't worth talking about.


Shadowlands Laugh at Your Ilvl

As of recently, the statistics show a decline in concurrent player numbers, which is something to be expected. For the launch of the expansion, lots of players come in to try out the new stuff, select their Shadowlands Covenants, etc. But after a few months, the numbers settle down a little bit. All of this means that there are some fans who aren't playing the game right now, and they might be wondering if they should come back for this patch. Well, let's see.

The main star of the patch is the introduction of the old slash new system that the player base has been crying out for forever. It's been the most discussed topic on the WoW news. What's special about this iteration of the Valor Points system is that it only works with Mythic+ instances. If you expected something like a PvP honor vendor but for PvE, where you can just dump all of your grinded points into a nice new piece of gear and then spend the leftovers on upgrading it – no, just no. There's no vendor, the gear that can be upgraded comes from Mythic+ dungeons, and it's not the one that you can get from the Vault in the current week. On top of that, the number of Mythic+ achievements determines the number of Valor Points each of your characters can have. That said, anyone can use this system to upgrade to ilvl 200, but you need a certain achievement to upgrade them to 207. So it looks like we’ll all be farming achievements in the foreseeable future. Will the Shadowlands class changes make it more fun and less dull? For some classes, sure!


You'll Probably Wanna Change Your WoW Shadowlands Covenant

Some significant tuning happened to the Covenant's exclusive abilities. Looks like these aren't going anywhere, whether you like it or not. Some of these changes are so grand that some of the classes might decide to switch Covenants. Holy Priests with allegiance to Night Fae make a fine example. Their Fae Guardians ability got buffed now, giving the 20% of damage reduction instead of 10%. Now they won't have to suffer as badly running their weekly Mythic keystone.

The classes have received a lot of tuning. Shamans, for instance, got a major buff across all three specs. Elementals have received an insane 415% boost to their AoE ability called Earthquake, and the rest of the buffs are in the same style. A whole host of Anima powers got changed for Torghast, but again, nothing new in the content department for our favorite new activity. No new Mythic dungeons or anything like that. However, the quality of life improvements those changes bring is most welcomed.

These and some more minor adjustments are what make this new patch that came out literally a few days ago. Of course, there are some fans who absolutely despise it, and there are those who embrace the new things, especially the new Valor system. If you're among those who could do without one more grinding task in Shadowlands dungeons, maybe you'd be interested in checking out what services we offer?


World of Warcraft Shadowlands with Not a Whole Lot of Content

Everyone's favorite zones on chains, new armor sets, mounts, empowered conduits, new renown levels, new story campaigns involving Dreadlords, new Shadowlands raids where we fight Kel'Thuzad and Sylvanas? Holy crap, who wouldn't want to come back for this patch? It looks, sorry, it sounds legit, but that's Patch 9.1. This right now is Patch 9.0.5, which has none of that. No new story quests, no new renown levels. In fact, most players have already hit the renown cap by the day of this patch’s release, so it's kind of like the opposite of new renown levels. No new zones or areas or dungeons or affixes or anything that would generally be considered content.

As for the rest of Shadowlands classes and their tuning, there's a lot to take in. Not many metas have changed, but there are some which have. The best thing to do here is to advise you to read up the Wowhead article that will give you the full rundown on all of that and let you know where your class is and what rune carving you need to be… carving.

You should come back for this Shadowlands update if you love tree mounts and hate democracy. Because we've all gotten the Wandering Ancient mount that the community voted for and not the Jellycat one. If you hate the idea of leaves changing color at different times of the year and being anything other than an old walking fantasy oak, then skip this patch entirely!


WoW Classes and Sneaky Updates

By the way, there's a fun and important fact that some loyal fans might not know. If you've read all of the patch notes we are covering here on the day of release, which was the 8th of March, you might have missed something important that happened on the very next day. Because on the 9th of March, Blizzard released a blue post with additional patch notes and updates to the original post with one very significant change. Basically, what happened was, the devs came out and changed the way the Mythic+ keystones work. Yep! The way it worked was if you've done a +15, you'd always get a +14 in your chest no matter what key you do. That's something people enjoyed in Shadowlands. So, the devs went ahead and changed it back to how it was in BfA. The keys now degrade again, so you always have to keep doing high lvl keys to make sure that you get the one-level-below key in your chest.

The 9.0.5 update hasn't received a warm welcome in the community. In fact, it was a total crap show. And if you're among the players who are struggling to farm the keys, you should know that our WoW LFG service from Legionfarm will help you make sure you get the best rewards and Shadowlands loot from your Vault. With our Shadowlands carry service that we named "Play with Pro," you'll join the team of hardcore and experienced gamers, and your Mythic runs will become that much easier. On top of that, we offer a wide range of other carry & coaching services, so please do make sure to go to legionfarm.com and see if anything of what we're offering strikes your fancy.

This is it from us at this time. Thank you for reading, and remember – for all things WoW, stay right here at Legionfarm!

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