A Cold War Walkthrough: Missions, Weapons, and Other Details


The Time for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Has Come

The Cold War release date is getting closer and closer, and in just a few days, on Nov 13th, we will finally get to play the next part of the series we’ve all been patiently waiting for. The new Call of Duty chapter is almost here, and it’s about to change the whole world of CoD and the gameplay we’ve been enjoying for so many years.

How can you prepare for this forthcoming event? There is no ultimate solution that will suit every player. Right now, everything you can do is just keep polishing your skills and learning more about the CW. This way, you will not get lost in a variety of tasks and missions after entering the game for the first time.

If you are eager to achieve new heights and be one of the first few players to be docked out with the nicest gear, we’ve got a way for you to attain these goals. But let’s talk about it later: all the details on how to buy Damascus camo and level up in CW will be discussed down below. And now, let’s jump right into our Cold War walkthrough!


Call of Duty: Campaign Missions

Call of Duty Cold War has got a lot to offer in terms of the campaign. You will have one objective: to stop the nuclear conflict while working on different operations and searching for the Russian agent, who might be one of the main keys to finding the solution. Here are three missions you will have to go through to find all the missing puzzle pieces:

Nowhere Left to Run

The opening mission of Cold War Black Ops starts with an introduction of some old faces as well as a few new heroes. The scene is set in Amsterdam, in a local tavern, in 1981. Three operators, two of which we have already met in the previous parts of the series, are about to get a new task: their new and final target is located in Trabzon Airfield, which is in Turkey. Rooftop hunts, explosions, and shootouts are just a small part of what’s ahead of you in this mission.

What’s great about the first mission is that both fans of the first Black Ops and players who have not played the previous parts can enjoy the mission equally. The devs did their best to make sure that the story is going to captivate all players.

Fracture Jaw

One of the team members will share his flashback about the times of the Vietnam War. This is when you’ll come across a mysterious Russian spy, Perseus. Your team will have to try to track the spy down. “Fracture Jaw” is a Black Ops Cold War mission that will uncover some of the secrets and the truth behind Perseus's figure.

Desperate Measures

While trying to gather all the facts about the infamous spy, you will have to play the role of a double-agent whose main goal will be to approach as many people as possible to learn about the Russian agent. The devs promise a unique experience with a lot more freedom compared to the previous parts: here, you will get an opportunity to talk to other characters, walk around the location, and make your own decisions.

C.o.D Cold War will surprise you with many mysteries, action elements, and various tasks. For sure, Cold War CoD is a combination of real history and fantastic fiction that everyone will enjoy, no matter what their previous experience with CoD is.


Let’s Refresh Your Memory with a Quick Call of Duty Cold War Guide

During the Cold War beta, we found out more about weapons, game modes, and other details. Let’s agree that these Beta weekends were just overwhelming. And thanks to the Alpha Event, PS4 owners will be able to start playing the game earlier than the rest of the world. And while we are waiting for the release, let’s review what we know so far.

Maps will be divided into two categories: 6v6 and 12v12. In the Cold War game, you will get acquinted a great variety of game modes, some of them being Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed, and a few others. The only 12v12 game mode is the CA: Domination, and it will take place on bigger maps that have all kinds of vehicles included, so there will be plenty of ways to move around the map you can choose from.

What about the CoD Cold War weapons? Players will choose from all kinds of Call of Duty weapons from both categories. The full CoD Cold War weapons list consists of over 20 different titles. In the Cold War, you will get to play with all the nicest guns equipped with some great perks and attachments. You can already check out all of them on the CoD website or just wait a little longer to take a look at them in first-person.

Is the Cold War actually going to be a game that millions will enjoy? Who knows. It is definitely not shaping up to be a thing that every single CoD fan or just a regular gamer will be into playing. But let’s agree that all these challenges, new characters, a story based on real-life world history are truly capable of enthralling almost everyone who’s downloaded the game. But how do you make sure that you are on the right path and will succeed in the Black Ops Cold War? Well, we’ve got a way for you to take care of your in-game success and start playing on a higher level than an average player. Do you wanna know the secret?


Start Your CoD Black Ops Cold War Experience on the Right Foot

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