9 Pro Tips to Help You Rank Up Faster in Apex Legends Season 6


It’s not a secret that progression this season is slower, and the usual rank up takes longer than before. The reason here might be the changes that have been so rigorously implemented by devs. Adjusting for the new meta is a big shake-up for returning players. Meta changes are often quite hard to adapt to, and many players who did great in Season 5 are now struggling a lot with Ranked. Matches can be terribly frustrating, and the road to that desired rank climb to Predator feels like pure torture. But no matter how tricky and bone-rattling it is, hitting Predator is not impossible. You just need to learn a few know-hows, and your friends at Legionfarm are happy to help.

We asked our pro players and made a list of tips that are sure to make any gunfight in Apex Legends Season 6. Following these simple steps will help you rank up faster than a speeding bullet that hits your enemy right in the head. So, what should you do to reach the top?

1. Choose your Legend wisely

Normally, we would say that the Legend choice hugely depends on what playstyle you prefer, and that’s still true, but in Ranked, you must always keep up with the current meta. With the recent changes, the whole match pace has been shaken up pretty drastically, and playing aggressively doesn’t work out the way it used to. However, Legends with solid movement-based abilities are still pretty helpful on the battlefield if you know how to put them to good use. Wraith is a total must for Season 6. Her portal ability is key to fast repositioning. She can get her teammates out of the line of fire and come to the rescue if they’re knocked down or trapped. Lifeline is a decent choice as well, as she’s the only Legend who can revive a downed squadmate from a distance, using her Heal Drone. She’s also quite resourceful: her ult calls in a drop pod with all sorts of gear that can put you and your team at a huge advantage. Bloodhound turned out to be a very powerful Legend this season. His scanning abilities are super OP as they ignore all barriers and stretch out to the neighboring zones. For more of a sit-back-and-snipe kind of playstyle (which is the most preferred one right now), Caustic, Revenant, and Crypto are your go-to Legends this season.

2. Work on your loadout

Regardless of what matches you’re playing, Ranked or Pubs, the best gun to use in any loadout is Triple Take. Due to some recent buffs, this bad boy totally rocks this season, especially with its revamped fire rate. Apart from Triple Take, there are also many other solid choices for Season 6. Our pros’ top favs are R-301, Volt, Drowler, Mastiff, and Charge Rifle. They also highly recommend sticking to one proven and time-tested loadout you’re good with. Sure, you’re more than welcome to try out different combos, but when it comes to Ranked, you really don’t want to run each match with a new loadout. You need to get used to the recoil and aim, feel the gun in your Legends hands, as it’ll help you land more accurate shots and play way more confidently.

3. Improve your accuracy and aim

As obvious as it sounds, try to actually hit your targets. If you’re not a very good shot, practice on moving targets at the Firing Range. Don’t use any attachments apart from a barrel stabilizer. Start with the golden barrel stabilizer and work your way down till you can do well with no stabilizer at all. Carefully adjusted sensitivity is also important. When you find the perfect one for you, you can practice in different FPS training programs like Aimbeast or KovaaK 2.0, but don’t forget to use a sensitivity calculator to set the same values you have in Apex.

4. Hone your skills in Public matches

If you learn to solo-beat squads in Pubs, it’ll be easy-peasy for you to play Ranked in a team. Play Public for a week before doing Ranked. Matches on low ranks (Bronze to Platinum) feel almost like Pubs, and it’s a good way to learn teamwork and try that loadout of yours in some real fights.

5. Push less, think more

This point here is all about decision making, which is immensely important not only this season but also in every single Ranked match. Don’t just blindly run into a fight as soon as you hear gunshots. Be tactical. Always try to take high grounds, as it’ll help you see enemy squads coming your way and shoot them easily from above. Don’t push yourself to make as many kills as you can. You’d better play more carefully, starting fights in safer places. It’s more than enough to get kills in 2 early- or mid-game fights and then just sit back, safely positioned somewhere high above.

6. Work on your movement

There’s a thing called strafing, and it’s a really nice way to dodge bullets. Moving left and right will make it harder for your enemy to aim, which, in turn, can save you some HP and give you an opening to land that final blow. Mix your lefts and rights and don’t forget to crouch. If your movement is unpredictable, it’ll be harder for the enemy to hit you even if they have good aim. Switch from that general “left right left right” rhythm to something more chaotic. Practice with bots to get used to the moves. By the way, your aggressive movements can even scare off some of your opponents, as they’ll see how confident you are and will think twice about picking a fight with you.

7. Choose your landing zones

Just going with the flow and landing wherever the game takes you won’t do you any good. You need to choose a specific location and play it again and again to develop a strategy. You have to learn it inside and out to loot properly, to rotate further towards the zone, or to leave it in case it happens to be empty. Our pros recommend landing near crafting stations to have a chance to up your armor if needed. And one more thing: try to remember where your enemies land to know where an attack may come from.

8. Learn to third-party

Third-party fights are very common for Ranked. The thing here’s pretty simple: once you hear someone having a gunfight, you go that way and wait for the right moment to attack when your enemies are low on HP. It’s a nice trick to get some kills fast and without serious losses. However, if this fight takes more than 30 seconds, it’s better to skip it and move on. Moreover, before you third-party someone out in the open, make sure there are no other teams that want to do the same.

9. Communicate with your team

No matter if you play with random teammates or with a premade squad, communication is key. When you fight using your mic ping, it’s cool, but you still need to give some additional info and make callouts. Also, remember that every team needs a leader. Others can and should share their insight, but only a leader has to call the shots. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure that your team’s leader is expert enough to position you all in the right way and knows when it’s best to attack or retreat.

The last but not the least piece of advice will be about picking your teammates. If you have a well-knit squad of friends, then you’re a lucky guy, because those are not so easy to come by. When assembling a team, you need to remember that no matter how skilled you are, you probably won’t always win. You will make mistakes, you will mess up, and if your teammates freak out about every single failure, then you should think about playing with someone else. You need to learn from your mistakes and draw lessons from every match you play, doing it together as a team. If that sounds too good to be true, we can suggest you turn to our Play with PRO service for a change. Teaming up with seasoned Apex vets will show you what really good teamwork feels like. No douchey randoms and no newbies who freeze like a deer caught in the headlights every time they see an enemy coming. You will play with experienced professionals, working on all those tips we’ve mentioned in this article and learning many more. Coaching is also a very good option for those who strive to get better and climb Apex ranks like nobody’s business. If you want to hit Predator faster and improve your overall gaming skills, feel free to book a session with our pros and, of course, follow the tips we’ve listed for you here.

Good luck, Legends, and see you in Ranked!

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