9 Class Changes in Shadowlands Coming in the Next Weekly Reset


Even though the devs are getting ready for Blizzcon, it doesn’t mean they will forget about the tweaks and updates they promised to add anytime soon. Our guide is up now, so check all the latest info on the changes made to the classes, as well as a few details about the community’s reaction to these updates.

WoW Shadowlands: What’s Up with Those Classes?

Shadowlands came out a few months ago; however, it keeps getting many updates to this day. One of the most vulnerable areas in the game is WoW classes. As much we love playing those, it always feels like the expansion’s classes lack something.

The devs got many reports about the in-game issues, so now the time has come to fix them. In today’s WoW news guide, you can find a brief summary of the upcoming class tuning and the community’s opinion about this update. Is this Warcraft Shadowlands class tuning worth your attention? Did your favorite specs get an update? We are here to answer all your questions right now.


A Guide on the Forthcoming Buffs in World of Warcraft Shadowlands

Castle Nathria opened its doors one month ago, and since then, the game has kept changing and improving to make the gamers’ experience even more memorable. Many players said the differences between characters often seem unbalanced. Some specs are very close to being overpowered, while many others are close to being called non-playable since the competition is too high. The freshest buffs are supposed to change the situation, but will it really get better? Let’s see what Blizzard has got for us this time around.


The opinions vary a lot, so it’s hard to say whether the new buffs are something crucial or not. The devs are doing their best to provide players with the content they would enjoy, we’ll give them that. How did you like the news about the buffs? Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly pro players if you would like to figure out how to choose the right spec for you.And now guys let’s break down all the tweaks and changes Blizzard’s about to make to our characters in Shadowlands.


What Are the WoW Forums Saying About the Update?

What is the forum folk saying about the next update? Let’s take a look at what other players have shared on the Shadowlands class changes that Blizzard has yet to deliver.

Havoc Demon Hunter

This one has many weaknesses, but it still feels like this buff isn't really needed that much. The damage stats are already pretty good, so why did the devs choose to buff this ability instead of the ones that need improvements more?

Frost Death Knight

The WoW update for FDK is what many players have been looking forward to since this buff will make the Frost Death Knight a viable option. Damage increase in 5% will influence many nuances that used to be why players avoided this spec. Now, FDK will be much more comfortable to play with.

Beast Mastery Hunter

Despite a decent buff, BMH is still underperforming. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go for this particular spec, but keep in mind that you’ll need to gear up very well when going into Shadowlands raids or quests.

Frost Mage

Even though this buff doesn’t seem like a big deal, it is a much better improvement than it appears to be at first look. Frost Mage has a negative damage aura, making the buff even better, turning this 3% into 3.4%.

Assassination Rogue

AR excels in DoT-damage and blood cleave, so the upcoming buff provides it with an opportunity to compete with other specs from the same class. In this case, WoW class changes do make a difference.

Destruction Warlock

Recently, the community has discussed the unfair distribution of power among the Warlock specs, and DW has been called the weakest one. Thanks to the 5% damage buff, DW is now much stronger.

Arms & Fury Warrior

The buff for this particular spec has raised many questions. Lots of players call it insufficient and hard to notice. Even though this buff wasn’t really requested, it still might be a good thing, even if it doesn’t seem like one for now.

Enhancement Shaman

The buff is not exactly a game-changer, but it is still something. If you choose a proper gearing strategy for this one, you’ll be able to maximize the character’s abilities and talents, so those who play with ES will definitely be happy about the buff.

Survival Hunter

The situation with this spec hasn’t been very good so far. It is believed to be one of the worst specs, so it’s no surprise that the rework on this one has finally started. And even though a 5% buff won’t help much, it’s a good thing that SH is finally getting patched up.

These changes are not that big, so adjusting won’t take a lot of your time. Still, if you want to find the Shadowlands best class or determine what to do next in the game, you should consider taking a few extra steps towards becoming a skilled player. What are we talking about? Learn more details down below.


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Even though that’s it for now, it doesn’t mean that we won’t return to this topic again. The characters in Shadowlands keep getting better, so more updates are already on their way. Thanks for checking out our blog and stay tuned for even more useful guides on the most challenging raids, in-quest activities, and characters!

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