8 Best Destiny 2 Weapons To Buy From The Exotic Kiosk


Destiny 2’s Exotic Archive shop received quite mixed reviews from the community, but let’s face the truth: If you haven’t bothered yourself with grinding out the old Exotics before the vaulting, the Kiosk is now your only chance to get them. But what guns to pick? Read our guide to find out!

Where Did All Destiny 2 Exotics Go?

Destiny 2 How to get Exotics’ is by far one of the most popular inquiries on the web these days. Exotics are no match to the Legendaries, but sometimes they do outperform the latter and prove to be a lot more versatile and useful in many ways.

Beyond Light took a lot from the game’s content to clear room for the new stuff to come, but now the question of how to get Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 has become more acute than ever. So where can you find them Exotics, with so many guns having been vaulted and sunset? This guide has all the answers you’re looking for. Read on and explore the wonders of Destiny 2’s Exotic content!


A New Home For Old Destiny 2 Exotics

With Destiny 2 Exotic quests and vendors being one of the main sources of the said weapons in the game, many Exotics have been removed from the current content pool due to the vaulting process. However, it does not mean that you cannot treat your Guardian to some of the old goodies.

Bungie made sure that all players—even those who have just started their Destiny adventures or missed a couple of seasons—can loot guns that no longer drop from activities and quests. The Exotic Archive, which also goes by the name of the Monument to Lost Lights, gives you a chance to add a bunch of old but gold titles to your weapon stash. At a price, of course.

To do some shopping at the Exotic kiosk, you’ll need to stack up on specific currencies. To make it easier for you guys, we put them all in the table down below:


Say you wanna get a Destiny 2 Exotic bow Le Monarque. What do you need? Well, it’s gonna be Exotic Cipher, Glimmer, Dusklight Shard, and Ascendant Shard. Farming those can and will be such a nasty pain in the bum as some of the mats and resources are really hard to come by, let alone being incredibly expensive.

Buying stuff from the Archive is not like running that Pain and Gain Destiny 2 quest or any other Exotic questline. On the one hand, it’s just a simple ‘you come, you see, you buy’ kind of thing, but on the other hand, you still have to farm the heck out of those currencies. We’re not gonna debate on whether or not it’s easier and less time-consuming than doing weapon quests, but one thing we can say for sure: the Monument to Lost Lights is the only place you can get old weapons, period. No Destiny 2 Exotic engrams will drop you your Destiny 2 Lumina or Rat King; that’s just how it is these days.

There are dozens of items on the Monument’s roll. Some of them made headlines back in the days and some still are extremely viable both in all game modes. There’s a lot to choose from, and that’s why we, your buddies at Legionfarm, have compiled a list of Destiny 2 best Exotic weapons you can buy from the Archive this season.

Here are our Top 5 Universal and Top 3 PvP-only picks for your arsenal. Let’s go and have a look?


Best Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons From the Monument

Here's your Top 5 Universal guns for basically every Destiny 2 mode and activity. They all are absolutely terrific and high-performing, but if you don’t trust us, check that Destiny tracker.

1. Anarchy

Anarchy is by far one of the best Exotics in the game right now. It’s an absolute butt-kicker in terms of DPS, dealing the easiest boss or mob damage in all PvE activities.

2. Ace of Spades

What weapon gets even more lethal after you make a kill? Well, Ace of Spades does. Its array of perks allows you to reload faster and get extra-damage shots once you land a finishing blow. Aim for the head, Guardian!

3. Izanagi’s Burden

A perfect damage-dealer, second to only Anarchy on this list, Izanagi’s Burden will help you run through high-difficulty PvE activities as if they’re nothing. Press R to consume the whole magazine and make a monster bullet to deal bombastic damage to your target. Bye-bye, raid bosses!

4. Thorn

Another hand cannon on our list, but this time with a very nasty poisoning mechanic. Thorn shines in both PvP and PvE, but your Crucible runs will definitely benefit most.

5. The Fourth Horseman

This is a shotgun. It has four barrels. Does it mean that it deals twice as much damage? Well, it does. The Fourth Horseman might not be a record-breaker, but it’s so good for close-range damage spray that it’ll be a big mistake to not try it out.


Best Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons For PvP

Here we go, another list, but this time with a bunch of PvP goodies. Take a break from grinding out your Hard Light catalyst and take a look at these badass Exotics to climb Glory ranks in Crucible matches.

1. The Last Word

That’s your Wild-West-style hand cannon to eliminate Guardians in the Crucible. The fire rate and accuracy are incredible, and you’ll be landing those close-range kills like nobody’s business. It’s not the recently-added old/new Hawkmoon Destiny 2 HC, of course, but if you stack the right perks, The Last Word will deliver on a very decent performance.

2. Bastion

Coming from the Kinetic type, Bastion allows you to play around with your loadout by pairing it with Energy weapons. It’s not the most fast-firing option you can go with, and, much like any other fusion, it needs time to charge up, but the damage you can deal at long distances makes up for that in spades.

3. Truth

A solid pick for your heavy slot, Truth sprays rockets that will track down your enemies no matter how fast they run. A bit tricky in terms of ammo, this rocket launcher still turns into a merciless beast when used in capable hands.

So, these are the best PvP weapons Destiny 2 has stored in its Archive for you to pick. For more info on the resources needed to buy all Destiny 2 Exotics listed in this article, please check the table below.


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With even a couple of weapons from this Exotic compilation, you can easily clear a Destiny 2 dungeon or score some pretty impressive kill strikes in a PvP mode. All Guardians have their own favs when it comes to activities, but once you load a good Exotic gun, any challenge will become a lot more beatable.

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Anyway, what do you guys think about the Exotic Archive content? What Exotics do you already have and which ones are on your to-get list? What are your favorite PvP and PvE loadouts? Don’t be shy to share in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon guys!

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