6 Tips to Help You Handle Proving Grounds on Grandmaster Easily


Do you still think that the Grandmaster difficulty of Nightfall The Ordeal Strikes isn’t what you should be interested in? Today’s guide will show you how much easier this activity can get if you follow just a few simple steps. With these tips, you will beat the enemy and get all the best loot on the first try, so you’d better not skip our guide!

Destiny 2 Has Received Another Nightfall Strike

Every time one week ends in Destiny 2, another one brings even more challenges for us to take on. Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen added a little bit of spice to the daily routine of every player, so now we have to deal with a whole new roster of activities and tasks. Speaking of which, Proving Grounds has recently become a Nightfall strike, and with the Double Ordeal loot this week, now is the best time to try and beat Caiatl’s champ.

While Destiny 2 forums are talking about the strike and how complicated it is, we’ll go a bit further and give you all the most useful tips on how to get done with the challenge and take down that Cabal Destiny 2 boss. Let’s get you ready, shall we?


Destiny 2 Update This Week: Here Is How to Start the Strike

With last week giving early access to Season Pass owners, this week everyone can finally face Ignovun, Caiatl’s chosen, and fight off hordes of Cabal in the new Nightfall Strike called Proving Grounds. This strike is also a part of this week’s challenge, so you will have to get at least a few runs to complete it. You will not need any special Destiny 2 weapons to get the job done, but it is still better to choose a weapon that will provide you with stability and a good fire rate.

You can access the activity by going to the map and finding it on Nessus. This is one of the most difficult Destiny 2 strikes, so you will have to prep yourself accordingly. We’ll tell you more about that soon.

To get started with the strike, you will need to have a power level of 1230, which isn’t that hard to get. The odds are that you’ll already have reached the necessary level by the time you decide to go into the activity. Once you finish it, stick around. You will watch a cutscene that’s worth your attention (no spoilers!).

Well, what should you do now? Do you need some new Destiny 2 meta to take down those Cabal VIPs? Down below, you can find a bunch of tips that will make the strike completion much easier for you.


Get Any Destiny 2 Exotics with These Tips

Double loot, Palindrome exotic, and tons of other rewards sound like a decent reason to finally try these Nightfalls, right? It seems like it’s time to get your Destiny 2 best PvE weapons and put on some good armor. To make things go easier for you, we’ve prepared this quick Proving Grounds guide to help you beat the challenge:

Build a good loadout

Pulse, scout, and sniper rifles would be a good pick for this activity. You should also remember to equip your weapon with a couple of good perks. Remember that you will have to fight Champions, meaning you’ll need to get kills without getting hurt ‘cause these guys do hit like a truck, so sniper rifles seem like the safest choice in this case.

Use panels as a shield

When you get to Vehicle Bay, you will see some huge panels right in front of you. Use them as a cover. Don’t touch these panels, though, since these might explode.

Be aware of the snipers

They pop out now and then, so you will have to take them down first before these guys do any significant damage to your team.

When rushing from one room to another, be ready for more enemies

You will be going from one place to another – that’s just how this strike goes – but expect more enemies to appear even while you are running in the corridors. Be wary to never be caught off guard!

Use up your supers before the boss room

This is the moment when you can use all your super abilities since later in the game, you’ll get to recharge them. No matter how many enemies are left, still, use your super. This will ease the job and speed up the process.

Let one person destroy the orbs while the rest of the team will be fighting off the enemies

You will have to fend off a huge army of enemies in the boss room while trying to destroy the orbs all at once. When you get to this part of the challenge, you will have to focus on different roles, ensuring that every section is taken care of.

Destiny 2 Nightfalls aren’t that hard if you prep yourself and choose the right weapons for the activity. It is better to start readying your team right now since this week’s Nightfall strike winners will get a lot of loot and top-tier weapons like The Palindrome and other exotics or even Destiny 2 Adept weapons on Grandmaster. In case you don’t have enough time for all the preparations and activities, no worries: there is a shortcut you can use while still playing the game and enjoying it to the fullest.


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We hope you enjoyed our Nightfalls guide. If you have any questions left regarding the activity, our pro players will be glad to help. Stay safe, and see you next week!

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