6 Tips and 5 Weapons to Help You Dominate Call of Duty’s Express Map


Another iconic Call of Duty map makes a comeback in the series’ latest title. The Black Ops II classic, Express takes us to the bullet train station to engage in close- and mid-range fights and test our best tactics and loadouts to claim a victory in a 6v6 stand-off. Wanna dominate Express? Read our guide to learn how!

Call of Duty Reissues a Fan-Favorite Classic

Treyarch seems to learn the secret of how to get fans excited. The recipe is simple: take a well-loved classic and reissue it in the new game. An infallible tactic that makes both newcomers and vet players happy is in motion again, this time with the Black Ops II iconic map, Express.

Express welcomes players to an LA train station—a U-shaped building with lots of high grounds, narrow corridors, and open spaces to suit every playstyle. Whether it’s your first time or you’ve already made your runs in BOII, the map is sure to deliver a good share of fun to your team of six. For those who’re working on how to get better at Call of Duty, Express is a total must to explore and dominate on. To give you guys the upper hand and help you secure as many wins as possible, we’ve tailored a short guide on how to master Express in Black Ops Cold War.

If you wanna learn the most useful pro tips our CoD Cold War experts have to share and find a couple of weapons and build suggestions to make your Express runs an ultimate success, this guide is just for you. Read on and enjoy!


6 Pro Tips For Kickass Performance on Call of Duty Cold War Express Map

One of the latest additions that the recent Season 1 Call of Duty update has brought to the map roster, Express does possess a couple of features that make it stand out. A large, open-ground-style terminal, a labyrinth of corridors and walkways, and a roaring monster of a moving train ready to race out of nowhere are just the tip of an iceberg. That's the kind of map that’ll play a trick on you if you just rush into action unprepared, so here’s your 6 tips to dominate Express and battle your way out of any gunfight.

1. Learn the map

As obvious as it may sound, learning your way around the map is one of the major things that can make or break your CoD game session on Express. Locating potential hiding spots, shortcuts, and places to maneuver will help you not only take the most advantageous position but also outsmart your enemy, predicting their moves and not getting into the traps they set for you.

2. Train incoming!

There’s another no-brainer for you, but let’s be honest, when you’re wrapped up in a gunfight, it’s really hard to watch out for any other threats rather than people shooting at you. But the truth is, you should. Once you find yourself on the inside track, keep an eye out for the train. You don’t want it to smash you all over the tracks before you could win the match, do you?

3. Climb your way to victory

For all those parkour enthusiasts—yes, you’re very welcome to climb everything that looks climbable. That way, you can find yourself a nice sniping position or do some recon on enemies in proximity.

4. Stay mobile

Despite Express being a medium-size map, mobility here is everything. You have to always keep moving, no matter if you prefer to play stealthily or aggressively ‘cause sticking to one place will make you an easy target. Take cover, use that stationary train to hop between two sides of the map, ambush your enemies on staircases in the middle office, or engage in a heated fight in the terminal—it’s all up to use, but don’t hunker down in one spot and wait for the enemy to kill you off.

5. Rock it in the Waiting Area

Despite being the most open location on the map, the terminal’s waiting zone is full of cover spots and possible hideouts to jump out of and land a killing shot on an unsuspecting enemy. The Waiting area is where both teams (or what’s left of them) inevitably meet sooner or later, so one of the best tactics would be to secure the entry routes as somebody is definitely taking them to enter the terminal. A lift is a nice spot for you to hide in (look for it near the Resupply room), and the stairs near the ticket office are perfect to catch an enemy heading upstairs off guard.

6. Stall and disorient

With such a variety of enclosed spaces as staircases, corridors, and bridges, Express offers great opportunities to trap your opponents with a good old Molotov throw. Distractions such as Smoke grenades will fit perfectly when your team needs to cross an open space without being picked off one by one. Depending on the CoD multiplayer mode, Express can offer various scenarios to use decoy and distraction tactics, so all that’s left for you is to actually use them.


TOP 10 Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Weapons & Equipment to Use on Express

Looking for the best CoD loadouts to take with you to Express? Your buddies from Legionfarm have a bunch of suggestions on this matter, so check out our weapon, equipment, and Field Upgrade shortlist to help you dominate the new Call of Duty map.

  1. Mac-10
  2. Groza
  3. Streetsweeper
  4. AK-47
  5. 1911
  6. Engineer + Spycraft
  7. Combat Bow
  8. RC-XD
  9. H.A.R.P.
  10. SAM Turret

Some of the entries like AK-47 AR are great on almost all CoD Cold War maps, while others perform best on Express only. The Streetsweeper shotty, for instance, is your go-to gun in Domination and Hardpoint; the SAM Turrets are great at taking down threats from the sky, and the H.A.R.P. is a scorestrike must-have to provide you with necessary intel and perform effective counter attacks.


Master Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer with Legionfarm

Following these simple steps and trying out the suggested gear and weapon options will help you ensure a better performance on the Express map that will eventually lead to many victories for you and your squad to claim. However, reading about Call of Duty tips in a guide and actually playing with an experienced CoD veteran by your side is completely different. That’s why we’re glad to offer you our Call of Duty LFG & coaching services. Our pro players can carry you through any match, provide with walkthroughts and guidelines on what weapons to bring and what armor to choose, and give you invaluable tips on how to improve your playstyle and tactics. Book your Play with Pro session at legionfarm.com and dive into a whole new Call of Duty experience that you’ve never had before.

That said, we do hope you find our little Express guide useful. We wish you many victories and only the best teammates for your multiplayer adventures. Stay tuned for more CoD guides and news, and see you soon in our next blog article!

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