19 Meta Weapons You Need to Add to Your Arsenal Right Now


What are the finest, most powerful, and simply the best weapons in Destiny 2? Today, we will let you in on the biggest secret. Right here, we’ll break down 19 weapons that can be rightfully called the Beyond Light meta. If you are ready to find a perfect weapon, our guide on D2 meta guns will help you out right away!

The Time for the Best Destiny 2 Meta Has Come

We know for a fact that you’ve been waiting for this one. The time for D2 metas has come! Today, we will talk about it all, touching on the topic of best guns and god rolls. What are the most powerful loadouts for hitting high Destiny 2 glory ranks and Infamy ranks? What are the best drops from Destiny 2 raids? Which kind of Destiny 2 exotics do you have to focus on unlocking first? We are here to answer all these questions, so if you’re ready to learn more about the niftiest and most powerful guns, let’s get going!


Destiny 2 News on PvP Meta

To rock it in PvP, it is not enough to just get some nice gear: to be good at playing such an activity, you will have to take a few extra steps. One of these steps is finding and unlocking guns that will do a good job in any match and against any enemy.

Here are the first 5 weapons that will help you beat any challenges and defeat any foes. You’ll love them, we are sure about that!

Ace of Spades

This hand cannon is opening the list, and it’s the first mentioned title for a reason: it deserves a lot more attention than it currently gets. We know that hand cannons are not exactly a pick for everyone, but even if you’re not a big fan of this archetype, AoS has got a couple of perks that can make you change your mind. It is a lot easier to handle, offering greater stability and giving you a few extra-damage bullets that can turn the table in the last minute of the game.

No Time to Explain

If 340 rounds per second don’t sound like an impressive thing to you, then there’s probably nothing out there that can impress you at all! But even if you are looking for something more than the firing capabilities of a rifle, No Time to Explain still has got something in stock for you. Its perks will summon bullets from another dimension, which is not something your enemies will expect.


Here is the second hand cannon on the list, which kind of suggests that if you haven’t played this archetype before, it’s high time you tried. It doesn’t only fire a 3-round burst and offers increased damage and stability but also heals you every time you make a kill.

Felwinter’s Lie

This is one of the most well-known shotguns that earned its glory thanks to long-range shooting and high-impact stats. Getting this one will guarantee a boost to your PvP performance, so go ahead and add it to your must-have list even if you believe that shotguns are not your thing.


It may not be the best sniper rifle in terms of damage, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t be good for setting kill records and taking down foes in a couple of seconds. This new SR is going to be your #1 pick if you appreciate good stats and are not afraid to put some effort into learning how to handle the chosen weapon properly.

It won’t be hard for PvP folks to find a good weapon. Choosing what fits your playstyle is a lot harder. If none of these weapons seem like a good pick for you, no worries. We’ve got a lot more recommendations in our other articles, so feel free to explore our blog for a bit to find more viable PvP options.


Top 5 PvE Guns for Beating All Destiny 2 Raids

All Destiny 2 forums are discussing the same thing right now: what are the best PvE guns in D2? We are not going to tell you which one is the best and the worst. We will simply share a list of weapons proven to be absolute high-performers in most raids and PvE activities. Here are our next top 5’s you should definitely check out:

Crowd Pleaser

This is one of the latest additions to the game, and it can be obtained in the Gambit. CW has many advantages when it comes to PvE—it’s capable of dealing a lot of damage to majors and bosses, making almost any raid or activity an easy win.

Deafening Whisper

Grenade launchers have always been one of the most problematic weapons to master, but this one beats them all. However, learning how to play with DW is worth the effort. Unlike other grenade launchers, this one shoots with a wave of energy, which can kill an enemy immediately if the weapon is utilized properly.

Coriolis Force

You know what the secret of a decent PvE play is, right? It’s all about crowd control! And to achieve that, you will have to pay close attention to the chosen weaponry. CF is one of those fusion rifles that may not do well in PvP but will be an excellent choice for PvE, thanks to its unique traits like horizontal firing.

Falling Guillotine

Swords are not everyone’s first choice, but they can bring many wins and conquered raids if used correctly. FG is capable of taking down tanky enemies, and if you add a few perks to your setup, you will get a real monster to play with!

The Divinity Exotic

Exotics became a thing when most of the weapons good for PvE got nerfed. Divinity will serve as a powerful tool in solo play and be a great benefit for the whole team with its target debuff and a solid boost for your Fireteam every time you deal damage.

All these Destiny 2 best weapons are not only going to become one of the most effective tools for beating any raid. They’re also a wonderful opportunity for you to explore the universe of Destiny 2 and learn more about its greatest guns and challenges. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new!


The Best Weapons to Play With in Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Beyond Light is not only about breathtaking views of Europa and freezing your foes with Stasis; actually, one of the most significant updates that BL brought is its many new Destiny 2 weapons. Here, we’ve got our top 5 picks for you to try playing with at least once. Take notes!


It is not exactly a new weapon—it is just new to Destiny 2. This hand cannon first appeared in the original Destiny, and now it’s going to make a big comeback. Hawkmoon became unlockable just a day ago, so you can finally enjoy the quest.

Salvation’s Grip

Stasis is the new kind of dark and alluring power given to the new subclasses Guardians can choose from. Obviously, the fact that there is a new subclass means that there will be weapons for it. SG is one of them. Every time you shoot with this grenade launcher, it will create deadly crystals that will kill and freeze your enemies. Winter is coming, huh?


Slug shotguns are the new black, right? 2020 brought us a couple of new slug shotguns, and Duality the one on the pool. It is great not only for quick reload speed and increased precision damage but also for its versatility—it has two firing modes, making this weapon one of the best choices for both PvE and PvP.

Eyes of Tomorrow

The Deep Stone Crypt weapons are worth the wait and effort, especially such guns as EoT. Rocket launchers are our favs, and this one will probably become our number one in this category. It’s capable of targeting and tracking a few enemies simultaneously, which pretty much does all the job instead of you. And if you manage to get at least four kills with one volley, the damage for the next volley will increase.

The Lament

If you still think that swords are not good enough for you, you will reconsider your position after learning more about The Lament. This blade in the hands of an opponent is what everyone should fear. It will hew through the foes like it’s nothing, and what is more, it will help you heal faster if you attack with it when it’s completely revved.

Getting any Gambit ranks will be easy as pie if you choose the right set of weapons to enter the match with. Such a wide variety of weapons allows all players to select and customize literally any kind of loadout, so take a closer look at all the options we have prepared for you and you’ll find something perfect for your playstyle and goals, that’s for sure.


Get the Best God Rolls for Increasing Your Destiny 2 Ranks

God rolls are fantastic everywhere, in both PvE and PvP, Destiny 2 Beyond Light challenges, Prophecy Dungeon, and raids, as well as countless other activities. Those can be good even for Destiny farming or obtaining Glory ranks. The main secret about creating the right god rolls lies in picking the right perks. Let’s take a look here at the last five guns that turn into powerful beasts once combined with a bunch of solid perks:

Xenoclast IV

Here goes another shotgun. This time, it’s the one from the Lightweight Frame family. For a more advanced Destiny 2 PvP meta combination, you should equip your gun with Vorpal Weapon, Thresh, and Slideshot, while PvE players should enjoy the gunplay with such perks as Disruption Break and Trench Barrel.

Hailing Confusion

It may not be the best and fastest rifle out there, but does it really have to be one? Its stability and balanced stats are already a good reason to get yourself this baddie. If you are more into classic play, Quickdraw will be paired up well with your rifle. The alternative perks for this weapon are Wellspring or Surplus. Both of these perks dropping together are a rare occasion unless you are very lucky, so keep farming or ask our pro players for a piece of advice—they’ll be happy to help.

Friction Fire

It is an excellent SMG itself, but if you decide to set it up with a few good perks, it will become your favorite submachine gun ever. We recommend such perks as Slideways, Wellspring, and Rampage for this one; however, you should feel free to take a look at other combinations: this is one of those cases when you can be sure about almost every combination to be a blast.


If you are more into the “One shot, one kill” kind of thing, then you’ve got a match! This slug shotgun is your best choice for PvE and PvP if you want to take down enemies with just one shot. Opening Shot is a must-have perk for Bonechiller, and if you are looking for something suitable for PvE, you should go for One for All and Triple Tap.

While grinding out for those go drolls, keep in mind that all the Bungie rewards and best weapons in Destiny 2 will not be hard to get if you learn how to prioritize tasks and find quick solutions. That said, we’ve got another piece of advice for you here: If you have never tried working with coaching services or using a team finder, you are about to open a whole new way of achieving your in-game goals. Read on to find out more!


Become a Pro Player with Destiny 2 LFG Services

Okay, so we’ve figured what the best Destiny 2 exotic weapons and meta are. What’s next? How can you get those guns when there are just too many quests and raids to work on?

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So, Guardians, how did you like our collection of metas? What would you add? Have you already unlocked some of these guns? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to come back to our blog for more guides!

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