10 Tips for a Better Start in Burning Crusade


With all the changes the new expansion is about to bring, it is obviously a good idea to start preparing your characters for what’s to come. We’ve gathered the first batch of 10 most useful tips that will help you not only have a smoother start in the new expansion but set a foundation for your future in TBC Classic.

Get to Work While It’s Still the WoW Classic Era

Well, ladies and gentlemen, humans, orcs, dwarves and gnomes, blood elves and night elves and everybody else, we’ve got what we asked for – the Burning Crusade Classic is confirmed! Today, we shall start giving you some tips about how to prepare for the Burning Crusade release date so that the horrors of Day One in Classic may never repeat. As time goes by, we will most likely publish more articles on this topic, but for now, let’s just stick to around 10 most important tips. If you are wondering what you can do to prepare for when the Dark Portal opens, this article is just what you need.

Let’s not keep you waiting and get into tip number 1 right now. When the game launches, you can get half of a level if you stack quests. The best ones to go for are the Burning Crusade dungeons and raids quests, which provide around 14k experience. It’s a nice step up, considering that normal quests from high lvl zones like Wintergrasp and Western Plaguelands will only provide 11k experience. Bearing in mind the quest, EXP does get boosted in TBC, so you can pick up quests like the Head of Onyxia, BRD, LBRS, and UBRS. It will also be best to stay on the same continent if you’re trying to min/max and reduce the travel time before you actually jump into the Outland. You may also prioritize quests that quickly lead into new quests that can be dealt with very quickly, so you can actually complete extra quest chains before you jump into Hellfire Citadel. Oh, and don’t worry, we’ll come to WoW Classic PvP tips soon enough.


New WoW Expansion – New Meta

A good example of following tip number 1 would be the Onyxia achievement questline because you only have to fly between the Redridge Mountains and Stormwind City to get loads of EXP.

Tip number 2 is sorting out your professions because the meta for professions will totally change in the new WoW expansion. Crafting gear becomes a new meta rather than everyone just going Engineering. For instance, a Mage might want to get their Tailoring to craft Spellstrike and Spellfire gear because it’s not just a very strong pre-raid option but well into tier 5 as well, so it will last you a good six months, maybe even more. And this is the case for many different classes. For some of the pieces, you will actually require the Tailoring skill to be leveled up. Plus, you have to use Tailoring and Alchemy cooldowns to make it in the first place, which leads us to tip number 3.

You may want to start setting up profession-focused alts to utilize the maximum efficiency of those professional cooldowns. Each character is going to double the number of pieces you’ll be able to craft per week which in the long run is going to make you loads of gold in WoW Classic Burning Crusade. One crucial fact has to be kept in mind – in the WoW TBC pre-patch, you can boost a char to lvl 58, which could help you with this task.


Choose Your Burning Crusade Profession Wisely

The last professional tip, which in our list goes by the number 4, is as follows: if you’re going to go jewelcrafting, you can farm all the materials right now and get to lvl 300 on day one of the pre-patch. Since we’re getting the Draenei and Blood Elves early, the trainers will very likely be available in the pre-patch as well.

Now, in the pre-patch for WoW Burning Crusade, Blizzard made it much easier to get rank 14 PVP gear for people who have leveled up a fresh alt or use the character boost feature or, for instance, a Paladin who’s been running around in a dress for two years healing Burning Crusade raids in a very desperate need of a two-handed weapon. That’s why PVP gear will be a very good option for you. This is tip number 5.

The gear will require the Marks of Honor, which you can start farming right now, the second you stop reading this article. Just keep in mind that in World of Warcraft Burning Crusade, the Honor system will switch to a currency system, so everyone will like to get a hard factory reset on their Honor and have to farm the Honor points in their new Arena 2x2 and other TBC Arena activities. However, you can still get the Marks of Honor in preparation and also turn in those marks for EXP when TBC World of Warcraft launches.


Let’s Conquer The Burning Crusade Together

If you are a healer, you may also want to try and get your hands on some half-decent leveling gear. If you have Classic raids on the farm, then you’re going to be in a situation where elite loot is probably getting thrown away because nobody needs it or it’s being disenchanted. What you need to start doing is off-specing it for the BC WoW leveling. You could also poke Zul’Gurub and AQ20 for some really easy decent gear. And this is our tip number 6.

Now let’s do a very simple and very obvious tip number 7 – you need to start farming gold. Obviously, if you’re a Mage, you’re probably already taking advantage of insane gold farms available to you, so do it while you can because, in the future, it will be harder for you to farm dungeons. There’s a lot that you’ll need the gold for. The Burning Crusade flying mounts is just one example of that.

Once you got a lot of gold, as tip number 8, you should invest this gold into your alts. Do you know how else you can invest in your alts? You can do it by using our WoW LFG, carry, and coaching services! With us, your alts will reach level 70 in no time. Furthermore, you could select our special Play with Pro service and team up with the best players in the game to take down the World bosses and other Burning Crusade bosses in one sitting. It’ll give you lots of reputation and unlock access to some rare vendor’s wares. So, the Burning Crusade carry from Legionfarm is your tip 9, 10, and 100.

This is all from us for today. If you have any further questions, please visit us at legionfarm.com. Let’s get ready for TBC together!

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