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About Service

Our services are done by means of 3v3 games on mmr lower than 1500.
Our professional arena players will grind huge amounts of wins for you in a short prediod of time, because they don’t give any chance to opposing teams on low ratings. To make wins faster our boosters have to play on low mmr, so they intentionally lose games when their mmr becomes too high, or if your characters already have some big rratings from the start.
By buying services from our website the customer must recognize, that the current rating of his character will be dropped lower than 1500.

You can also choose additional option for rating boost if you'd like to finish with higher ratings.

This page specializes on 3v3 wins services, which is not the only services we offer. You can see more different farming services from us here.

About Us

We are a group of people with huge experience in World of Warcraft. Sergey Mitkin - founder of wowfarmers club is a long-time wow farmer.

His own account got 20k+ achievement points.
Besides Sergey’s LegionFarm team consists of 12 players with different types of top-experiences in their best aspect of the game.
Our team consists of Raid leaders (PvE guilds / RBG team), organizers of the Hardest game-achievements, and simple no life farmers.
To get double-side protection in deals we work through marketplaces and middle-man services.
Here is the list of our services inside of marketplace with double-side protection


Our piloted services are safe.
We buy a dedicated IP adress for every customer. Dedicated IP means that this is not a public IP which can be blacklisted by blizzard, this is a unique IP that will be only used for 1 person during lifetime.

The cost of unique IP that we rent for every customer is included into the price by defult. Every dedicated IP stays with customer forever which means every next order from the same customer will be done with the same IP on VPN.

Even if there are different pilots for the same customer - all of them will have this IP. Moreover we buy IPs of customers city, so for blizzard it will look like you have 2 PCs in the same city (like home+work).
Nobody has ever been banned or suspended for our services.

We are paranoic about customers account security, because this is the most important thing in this business.

Trading forums feedbacks. Middlemans and marketplace protection.
You can take a look at our feedbacks on trading forums.

Or inside marketplaces.

If you use our service for the very first time - you can always use middleman service or marketplace to get 100% protection. We like to trade through the marketplaces because of dobule-side protection (there we get protected from chargebacks by scammers), so if you want additional safety - we are absolutely up for it.


  • Customer can ask for a refund at any time, but we make a partial refund according to a current progress of the order.
  • Buying 3v3 wins services on our website the customer must recognize, that current rating of his character will be dropped lower than 1500.
  • We have NEVER had a case of a ban or customers account suspension because of our services, but we usually get asked about our conditions in case a ban happens. If so, we will make full refund + send one of our characters (with full prestige/honor/840 gear/different mounts and tittles) directly to your account.
  • If a customer always (4+ times) skips selfplay sessions - our website might be able to provide service with a delay or make partial refund according to a current progress with 5-10% additional cut for timewasting.
  • If we miss deadline due our fault you’re able to ask for a partial refund (according to a current progress) or get the service done with delay + 10% refund.